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[Microsoft Store] Shrestha Files Pro


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With Shrestha Files Pro, you can get a stylish alternative to Windows Explorer. The app offers tabs and double windows to increase productivity and better organize your folders. Additionally, it comes with a modern and minimalist interface that blends seamlessly with all the other Windows programs and features installed on your computer. Note, however, that this app is designed for the latest Windows operating systems. It may not run smoothly for older versions.


By default, the app launches in a standard window, wherein you can navigate to whatever disk or folder by double-clicking the name. As this app is a dual-pane file manager, you can access the Settings menu and activate the dual-pane mode. Doing so will give you a better perspective when working with two folders simultaneously. Moreover, both single and dual-pane modes offer the same options when viewing the file icons. You can choose between list, grid, or tiles.


You can group files depending on their type, name, date, or size. You can even set the order to be ascending or descending. Shrestha Files Pro also allows you to rearrange the elements in the navigation bar and adjust its setting. However, the paths for documents, pictures, videos, and music are not listed. Nevertheless, they should work automatically. Users should also note that thumbnail creation is slow during the first launch.  Succeeding browses should load the thumbnails faster. 


DOWNLOAD: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/shrestha-files-pro/9npnffsv2hqm?activetab=pivot:overviewtab


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