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wat happened wit my posts?


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i posted 2 days ago new versions of KIS 2006 (, not beta, on the forums there still is only and of ultraIso (on the forums there still is the old ver. i posted them both on the software update section of the forums.

i know that they have 2 be verified, but i dont know wat could be wrong with'em.

or maybe i will receive the treatment i received some time ago, when i posted sum stuff and never seen it posted, at least with credits 2 me... u know wat i mean.

and, btw, im very happy u guys r back online and emerged victorious once again :D No more trouble for u from now on,ok? :dance2:

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ya man, but its with credits to u, lemonhead!!!!

at least post them with the rights credits, to me, toyo.

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u did get credits for mentioning the update...

Edit: o ok i see wat your saying. you got credits on the download page instead of the fontpage. that was my fault. fixed now.

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