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MUP.sys = Safemode Hanging


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Hey guys, apparently my MUP.sys got corrupted due to a recent virus. Is there any other way to obtain this file without having the XP Pro CD? Which i dont btw.

I need to run in safemode to do a defrag bt atm that is not possible, because the loading drivers screens stops when trying to load MUP.sys.

Thanks ^^

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Disconnect power to the system

Try removing all the components and put them back in again.

Press and hold power button on the system for 5 seconds without the power cable connected.

Turn ON the system and check.

Boot into safe mode with command prompt. Get a copy of mup.sys off of another XP machine. Put it onto a floppy and copy into c:\windows\system32\drivers

I think mup.sys is getting a bad rap in all of this. I had the problem, where booting in safe mode, the computer would hang, and the last line listed was the mup.sys line. My problem was actually solved by moving a ram chip from one slot to the next adjacent slot. The computer will hang if it gets a bad read from a ram chip, and in this instance, it was hanging coincidentally when the mup.sys line was displayed.

A couple of things mentioned here.

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