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todays game:  Rescue Operation  first person shootem up.  22hrs 39min as i post this left to download


Rescue Operation is a first-person shooter game. The game will follow the scenario of the game, and destroy the enemies in its path.Agent "Odyssey" reported that the enemy base is conducting terrible experiments on prisoners. It's time to get our agent out of this hell. The Alpha group brings out the agent, the Omega will get all the information about the results of the research.

Key features of the game:
- There is an interesting plot;
- Pleasant soundtrack;
- Addictive gameplay


Rescue Operation

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just played it.. due to my system choose LOW screensize 1029x768 and FAST.. didnt make any difference
BUGS.. ammo.. you start of with 30 + 30.. after some time i found out how to get the ammo from the others.. highlight their gun and press E..
in the cupboard you pick up ammo and you should have 70ammo.. then i switched to the handgun.. and picked up the other ammo..
returned back to the machine gun and the ammo was GONE.. i had 8 in 1 clip and 15 in the other.. when i reloaded it changed to 23 in 1 clip and 0 in the other.
Gameplay.. SLOW as i said changing resolution, didnt mean anything..

I have onboard graphics.. in comparions i can play Thief the metal age nice and smoothly.. and thief 3 smoothly.. hitman etc all smoothly..


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