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[Frontpaged] Inno Setup Compiler 6.2.0


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Download: https://files.jrsoftware.org/is/6/innosetup-6.2.0.exe


Changelog: https://jrsoftware.org/isdl.php#stable

Detailed Changelog: https://jrsoftware.org/files/is6-whatsnew.htm


6.2.0 (2021-06-03)

Graphics modernized

  • Updated all Compiler IDE's toolbar icons and the wizard images used by the Compiler IDE's New Script Wizard wizard.
  • Updated the default application icon used by Setup and Uninstall if [Setup] section directive SetupIconFile is not set. To use the old icon again set SetupIconFile to compiler:SetupClassicIcon.ico.
  • [Setup] section directives WizardImageFile and WizardSmallImageFile now default to a blank value which makes Setup use new built-in wizard images. To use the old wizard images again set WizardImageFile and WizardSmallImageFile to compiler:WizClassicImage.bmp and compiler:WizClassicSmallImage.bmp respectively.
  • Updated Uninstall's default small wizard image if [Setup] section directive SetupIconFile is not set. Before it would use Setup's default application icon in this case.
  • Updated the folder, group, and stop icons used by Setup's Select Destination Location, Select Start Menu Folder, and Preparing to Install wizard pages.
  • Updated the disk icon used by Setup's Setup Needs the Next Disk form.
  • Pascal Scripting change: Added new InitializeBitmapImageFromIcon support function.

All these icon and images updates include the automatic use of higher quality versions (which were not available before) on higher DPI settings. This includes new automatic use of higher quality icons for the icon on Setup's Select Setup Language form and Uninstall's small wizard image if SetupIconFile is set.

Example screenshots:

Comparison screenshots of the *previous* version:

Other changes

  • Links displayed by [Setup] section directives LicenseFile, InfoBeforeFile and InfoAfterFile are now executed as the original user if possible when clicked.
  • Added new [Setup] section directives MissingMessagesWarning and NotRecognizedMessagesWarning to disable warnings about messages missing or not recognized for a language.
  • /LOG: Now logs more uninstaller actions.
  • The {localappdata} constant can now correctly trigger a used user areas warning.
  • Compiler IDE change: Fix: Autocomplete support for event functions listed some procedures as functions.
  • Pascal Scripting changes:
    • Added new CreateMarqueeProgressWizardPage support function to show marquee progress to the user. See the AllPagesExample.iss example script for an example.
    • Added new ItemFontStyle and SubItemFontStyle properties to the TNewCheckListBox support class. See the CodeClasses.iss example script for an example.
    • Added new IsMsiProductInstalled and StrToVersion support functions.
    • Added new AbortedByUser property to the TDownloadWizardPage support class.
    • Fix: CreateDownloadPage's progress bar now supports files larger than 2 GB.
    • Support functions ParamCount and ParamStr now exclude undocumented internal parameters used by Setup and Uninstall.
    • The built-in download support now allows the download of files for which the server does not specify the file size and its hash checking is no longer case sensitive.
  • ISPP change: Added new StrToVersion support function.
  • Added official Bulgarian translation.
  • Various documentation improvements.
  • Minor tweaks.

Inno Setup FAQ updated

  • The Inno Setup FAQ has been updated with updated versions of articles taken from the Inno Setup Knowledge Base which is now hidden from the website.
  • The content of the FAQ is now available on GitHub where you can suggest new entries or other improvements using the Edit button.

QuickStart Pack removed

  • The QuickStart Pack installer has been removed because of a lack of added value.
  • The standard Inno Setup installer now offers to download encryption support if it's missing, like the QuickStart Pack installer did before. If you used the QuickStart Pack installer before, you can use the standard installer to update your installation.

Contributions via GitHub: Thanks to Sergii Leonov and Dom Gries for their contributions.

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