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bluetack Issues


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Can someone do me a favor and try to go to the bluetack website. I haven't been able to connect all day by web or peerguardian and I wonder if the site is down or if something is seriously wrong with my pc.

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As mentioned through PM, I can't access it and I don't use PeerGuardian so yeah.

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PMed a couple of people but thanx cultivator was seriously freaking out there for a while

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  • Administrator
Hi everyone. Well the forum is back , thanks to our hardworking admins..

The site's situation is that we are currently under a DDoS attack.

We will naturally continue to fight it , and we are putting together a report from all the logs on the IP's/users involved for the authorities. There will also be a nice new server-flooder blocklist available for download out of this attack.

We also took this time out over the past week to do a few upgrades and maintennance on the server itself , so there may be some errors around the site. If you find you have some problems on the forum , please let us know in the Site Related Issues & Suggestions forum section.

If the list updates are not working for you , please don't hammer the server unneccesarily , just try again later.

We also hope to have a new alternate server set up in the next week or so for hosting the lists , more information on that when it's up and running.

Thanks for your continued support and understanding - B.I.S.S. Admin team.

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