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[Expired] Game Giveaway of the day — Polygon Racing


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Polygon Racing Giveaway


Main Features:
4 game modes: Race Mode, Time Trial, Score Attack, and Split-screen.

Real-Time Positioning System: Each car works as a distance meter from the last passed checkpoint.

Full Racing UI: Laps, race time, position, minimap, pause menu and start race countdown.

Camera Views: There are 3 different cameras, change them with C or V for player 2 in split-screen.

Music during races and sound FX in UI and menus.

Car, Laps, and AI bots selector

Color, Saturation, Brightness UI Picker

Split-screen game mode: Player 2 has a full race UI like Player 1

Play your track creator tracks selecting the laps, AI bots or even in split-screen





File Size:

73.3 MB




Download NowPolygon Racing


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