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[Expired] [ 25 - May 2021 ] 26 - free Udemy courses for limited time


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[ 1 ]  Network Ethical Hacking for beginners (Kali 2020 - Hands-on)
Learn How Hackers Think, Hack, & Secure Your System Like Security Experts, Ethical Hacking, Kali 2020, Cyber Security.



[ 2 ]  Remote Teaching Online // How To Record Lectures at Home
Teaching Online & Lecture / Lesson Recording From Home For Very Beginners



[ 3 ]  Complete JAVASCRIPT with HTML5,CSS3 from zero to Expert-2021
Learn HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap framework by building a modern looking responsive website.



[ 4 ]  Data Engineer/Data Scientist - Power BI/ Python/ ETL/SSIS
Hands-on Data Interaction and Manipulation.



[ 5 ]  Becoming A Recruitment And Selection Specialist
It is necessary to have a good recruitment process to attract the right kind of staff for the needs of your business.



[ 6 ]  MBA in Artificial Intelligence Digital Marketing: Term 2.1
Artificial Intelligence Expert Certification (2021 Edition)



[ 7 ]  Make Money From Home: 45 Work From Home Opportunities
Find the Best Way to Make Money From Home That Fits YOUR Needs!



[ 8 ]  Overcoming Biggest Challenges to Business Success Fast
How to Level Up Your Business



[ 9 ]  Living Your Dreams With Unstoppable Passion
Use Your Passion to Experience Your Ideal Life



[ 10 ]  Social Media Influencer Mastery 2021
How To Become A Successful Social Media Influencer That Brands Will Beg You For A Promotion!



[ 11 ]  Digital Marketing Strategy 2021. Start from scratch!
How to build a digital strategy and increase online sales in the face of a global pandemic.



[ 12 ]  Data Analysis Real world use-cases- Hands on Python
Build a Portfolio of 5 Data Analysis Projects with Python, Seaborn, Pandas, Plotly, Folium, TextBlob ,Geopy & Many more



[ 13 ] The Complete Motivation Course: Motivation for Your Success
Motivation for Your Personal Development and Personal Success - Take Action Today for a Successful and Meaningful Future



[ 14 ]  The Complete Public Speaking Course: Become a Great Speaker
You can quickly go from a competent speaker to a fantastic, memorable speaker who communicates effectively in any forum



[ 15 ]  Complete After Effects & UI-UX Design by using Photoshop
Learn Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator and make difference using After Effect & UI-UX Design



[ 16 ]   Introduction to Domain Names & Web Hosting(Free Domain Name)
Learn how Domain Names Work and Types of Web Hosting for any Web Development Project (Free three Domain names)



[ 17 ]  Time Management & Increase Productivity: Less Stress Do More
Master Time Management and Productivity Techniques Successfully. Use Time Management to Reduce Stress and Achieve More.



[ 18 ]  Apache NiFi (Cloudera DataFlow) - Be an expert in 8 Hours
8+ Hours Beginners to Advance: Learn Real World Production Scenario and Become a Pro in Apache Data Flow Management



[ 19 ] The Complete Short Course on Ripple Cryptocurrency
Learn Basic to Advance details of Ripple, along with Ripple Trading Forecast & How will Ripple dethrone Bitcoin!



[ 20 ]  Business Continuity Management & ISO 22301 - Complete Guide
Learn Business Continuity Management from Organizational Resilience, Risk Management & Business Management perspectives!



[ 21 ]  Complete French Course: Learn French for Beginners
Learn French FAST with this non-stop French speaking course for BEGINNERS: learning French will be easy and fun!



[ 22 ]  Zero to Hero in Microsoft Excel: Complete Excel guide 2021
A Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Excel - Learn Excel Charts, Spreadsheets, Formulas, Shortcuts, Macros and Tips & Tricks



[ 23 ]  Affinity Publisher Guide - Affinity Publisher for Beginners
Learn Affinity Publisher (part of Affinity Suite) as Fast As Possible. From Affinity Publisher Beginner To Advanced.



[ 24 ]  Learn 47 Different Ways to Make Money Online!
Learn many PROVEN Ways to Make Money Online. Even 1 Strategy Will Pay Your Course Price Back!



[ 25 ]  Complete Introduction into Video Creation & Video Marketing
LEARN Video Creation, Video Editing, Adobe Premier Pro, Video SEO, YouTube Marketing, YouTube SEO & Facebook Video Ads



[ 26 ]  Information Systems Audit Fundamentals
Learn computer auditing in a practical, easy and fast way. From the basic level.



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