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(Guide/Review) Twire is an open source ad-free Twitch app for Android


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Twire is an open source ad-free Twitch app for Android


Twire is an open source Twitch client for Android that is ad-free and easy to use. Twitch is a popular destination when it comes to (mostly) game related streams; you may watch streams in a web browser or use the official mobile apps for Android or iOS instead.


Twire is a third-party client for Twitch that is ad-free and open source. The application's main features include the browsing of content on Twitch, playing streams, signing-in to a Twitch account, and watching VODs with chat replays.




The application is available on F-Droid and as a direct download on the project's GitHub project page. The requested permissions are required for functionality, and the app is compatible with Android 4.1 or newer.


The app displays a selection of top streams when you open it; this can be changed in the options, e.g. to display featured streams instead.


Each stream is listed with a thumbnail, name of the channel, viewers and title. A tap plays the stream right away in the app and lists the chat interface on the screen. You may switch to fullscreen mode, display only the chat, or change the quality of the stream in the options provided on the page.


Twitch users may sign-in with their account to get more functionality, e.g. the option to follow and unfollow streamers using the application.


Besides top streams, you may also browse featured streams and use the built-in search to find streams, streamers, or games based on the string that you enter.


There is also a game browser to display streams based on a particular game such as Dota 2, League of Legends, or the non-gaming related controversial category "Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches".


The settings lists several customization options: you may sign-in using a Twitch account under General, modify Twitch chat settings, change the theme and streaming related elements such as sizes or styles, or change how streams are listed by the application.


The app is very responsive and ran without any issues on a Google Pixel 3a device.

Closing Words and verdict

Twire is a great alternative for the official Twitch application for Android. It is open source and without any advertisement, so that you can focus on the streams and chat. The application is well designed and easy to use. If you have troubles getting the official Twitch app to run, prefer ad-free viewing, or prefer an open source app, this is one app that you want to try.




Source: Twire is an open source ad-free Twitch app for Android

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