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[Expired] [ 18 - May 2021 ] 42 - free Udemy courses for limited time


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[ 1 ]  The Python Developer Essentials 2021 Immersive Bootcamp
Learn the skills you need to become a Professional and Certified Python Developer with this Complete Training Course



[ 2 ]  Management Consulting Skills Mastery
Problem solving, communication, corporate strategy, financial analysis, operations analysis. Everything is included!



[ 3 ]  Practical Photography for Absolute Beginners: 9 Courses in 1
Become pro photographer - Understand camera gear, lighting + composition, portrait, stock photography sell photo online



[ 4 ]  Make a Creative Portfolio Website Design in HTML 5 CSS 3 JS
Make Your First Portfolio Website Design to get your JOB Interview Cracked



[ 5 ]  Search Engine Optimization Complete Specialization Course
Enter the world of Digital Marketing with this specialized SEO course covering everything with practical examples



[ 6 ]  Spatial Analysis & Geospatial Data Science in Python
Learn how to process and visualize geospatial data and perform spatial analysis using Python.



[ 7 ]  Find your Unique Memory Personality – Including Online Test
Introduction to the 12 Secret Languages and Next Generation of Memory, Learning & Communication Improvement



[ 8 ]  VIVADO - regular FIFO vs AXI FIFO
Learn what FIFO is and how to use FIFO IP Cores of Vivado Xilinx FPGA tool



[ 9 ]  English Grammar Tenses & Structures From Zero to Master
Become a master of all tenses and understanding, memorizing how to use them accurately day to day life



[ 10 ]  How to be Happy
Learn a combination of techniques that you can start applying straight away towards a happier life



[ 11 ]  The Complete jQuery Course 2020: Build Real World Projects!
Learn jQuery to Add Animations, Handle User Events, Perform Ajax Request to any website! Projects, DOM, Events, Ajax



[ 12 ]  Stop Motion Object Animation Using Davinci Resolve & Bandlab
You will discover how to create basic stop motion object animations using Davinci Resolve and Bandlab.



[ 13 ]  jolly phonics first group sounds
the first group of jolly phonics



[ 14 ]   Yoga Breathing Techniques: Inviting calm & clarity with Yoga
Learn breath patterns, movement practices, and experience guided relaxation to relieve stress and invite calm



[ 15 ]  Facebook Ads: Business Manager And Facebook Ads Retargeting
Advanced Facebook ads with Facebook Pixel, custom audiences, lookalike audiences & do Facebook retargeting ads that sell



[ 16 ]  Learn Asana
Everything you need to know about Asana



[ 17 ]   Learn Microsoft Planner
Everything you need to know about Microsoft Planner



[ 18 ]  Anti-Money Laundering Concepts: AML, KYC and Compliance
(Highest number of Students Enrolled) Anti-Money Laundering(AML), AML policies, AML KYC & AML Compliance



[ 19 ]  Learn to create AI voice Assistant (JARVIS) With Python
How To Create Artificial Intelligence Assistant With Python (no prior knowledge needed)



[ 20 ]  Management Consulting Presentation Essential Training
The secret formula of McKinsey slide deck: The art and science of building persuasive business presentations



[ 21 ]  Database Engineer/DBA - (MySQL, MongoDB, SQLite)
Practical Database Administration and Engineering Step by Step



[ 22 ]  Practice Tests for (SHRM-CP/SCP) Exam (2021) | The Grey Gym
320 Practice Test Questions for Human Resource Certification Exam, SHRM



[ 23 ] The Comprehensive SQL Course 2021
A bootcamp designed to help you master SQL and work with databases like Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server



[ 24 ]  Remote Teaching Online // How To Record Lectures at Home
Teaching Online & Lecture / Lesson Recording From Home For Very Beginners



[ 25 ]  Statistics with R - Intermediate Level
Statistical analyses using the R program



[ 26 ]  C++ Programming - From Scratch to Advanced
Learn C++ from the basics to the advanced concepts.



[ 27 ]  The Art of Doing: Create 10 Python GUIs with Tkinter Today!
Learn the fundamentals of the Tkinter library and starting making your own Python GUI apps today!



[ 28 ] The Complete SAP Analytics Cloud Course 2021
Learn to create stories, plans, digital boardroom, analytic apps, and make predictions in SAC. Data source included.



[ 29 ]  SAP Project Essentials: Implementing SAP S/4HANA and SAP ERP
Covering everything about the basics of SAP implementation ins and outs with SAP Activate and Accelerated SAP



[ 30 ]  Management Consulting Essential Training
Everything you need to know about the techniques of world’s top management consulting firms to land 6-figure job offer



[ 31 ]  Copywriting: master headlines, with no need to be creative
Master headlines in 90min or less, with no need to be creative.



[ 32 ]  Pentesting and Securing Web Applications (Ethical Hacking)
Learn to pentest the most used medium in the world with timeless principals and some of the latest techniques!



[ 33 ]  Make Money Online: Mindset Training + Real-Life Examples
Learn the Mindset Secrets of the People Who Are Making a LIFE-CHANGING Income Online!



[ 34 ]  Learn Flutter and Dart to create Android and IOS apps
Learn to create Awesome Mobile Apps using Flutter and Dart



[ 35 ]  Learn Machine Learning in 21 Days
Learn to create Machine Learning Algorithms in Python Data Science enthusiasts. Code templates included.



[ 36 ]  Body Language: Appear Confident and Poised When You Speak
Body Language for Speakers: Learn how to look comfortable, confident and relaxed in any presentation opportunity.



[ 37 ]  Salary Negotiation - How to Ask for and Receive a Pay Raise
A Salary Negotiation step-by-step plan to prepare you for asking and receiving a pay raise.



[ 38 ]  Altcoins - Investing In Altcoins & ICOs!
How to invest in the best Altcoins and ICOs, analyzing the market and gaining returns!



[ 39 ]  Procrastination Reversal By Replacing It With Good Habits
Identify your procrastination cause. Stop procrastination its root. Form healthy habits to never procrastinate again.



[ 40 ]  Create FREE E-Commerce Store with Wordpress and WooCommerce
Get you Business Online with Open Source, Free & Most Reliable Tools. Harness the power of E-Commerce to reach millions.



[ 41 ]  Master The Job Search - Effective Job Search Strategies
Learn effective job search strategies - apply for a job, beat the applicant tracking system and nail your job interview.



[ 42 ]  Python Mega Course : Go Beginner to Expert in Python 3
Python Programming Beginner to Advanced. MongoDB, SQLite, List, Tuple ,Python OOP, Python Online Training with Python 3



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