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Adobe Photoshop now runs natively on Windows 10 on ARM


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Adobe Photoshop now runs natively on Windows 10 on ARM


Back in 2019, Microsoft introduced the Surface Pro X, the first Surface device in six years to run on an ARM-based processor, and the first one to officially run Windows 10 at that. It also announced that it was working with Adobe to bring its Creative Cloud Suite to Windows 10 on ARM. In November 2020, native support for older Adobe apps for ARM devices on Windows 10 was finally made available, but only as a beta.


This changes now as Adobe has indicated that Photoshop will now run natively on Windows 10 on ARM without the beta tag.




Mention of this was first spotted by Windows Central on Adobe's support page which now mentions that "as of May 2021, Photoshop now runs natively on 64-bit Windows 10 ARM Devices". While it's not clear when this page was updated, archive.org has a snapshot which shows that on May 11, the page still mentioned beta support.


System requirements include a Windows 10 ARM device running Windows 10 64-bit v19041.488.0 (Win10 20H1) with at least 8GB of RAM, although 16GB is recommended. Furthermore, the following features are not supported in native mode:


  • Import, Export and playback of embedded video layers
  • Shake Reduction filter
  • Invite to Edit workflows are not supported. To learn alternative ways to send invitations via Web, see Access and edit shared cloud documents.
  • Preset Syncing is not on by default
  • Windows Dial Support
  • Generator and related features
  • Opening or placing U3D files
  • Starting Photoshop from Lightroom ‘Edit In’ command
  • Oil Paint Filter
  • Spell Checking and hyphenation for Hebrew and Arabic languages
  • Plugin Marketplace panel


Adobe has indicated that these features will be added later but has not mentioned a firm time frame as of yet.


If you have a Windows 10 ARM device, you can head over to the support page here to download Photoshop and give it a whirl on your machine. The company has cautioned that legacy versions of the software have not been designed for Windows on ARM, and neither have they been tested on it.



Source: Adobe Photoshop now runs natively on Windows 10 on ARM

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