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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will run Wear OS – but glucose tracking is off the menu


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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will run Wear OS – but glucose tracking is off the menu




Another week and a new batch of rumors around the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and the Watch Active 4.


We’re really excited about what could be seismic change in Samsung’s smartwatch line-up, and while rumors always been reported with caveats, it’s part of the fun of big tech launches – and this could be the biggest in wearables for years.


Just the sheer volume of rumors around the release of the Galaxy Watch 4 make this a near certainty, and now another tipster has thrown their hat into the ring. Twitter tipster @FrontTron has spotted codenames associated with the Galaxy Watch 4 in Korean cellphone carriers database.


That includes:

  • Watch Active4(39mm, SM-R865N)
  • Watch Active4(43mm, SM-R875N)
  • Watch4(41mm, SM-R885N)
  • Watch4(45mm, SM-R895N)


You will notice that those sizes do not tally with rumors from last week, which we suggested were taken with a large pinch of salt. Those reports suggested that the Watch 4 would increase to 46mm and the Active 4 would launch in 40mm and 42mm sizes.


Galaxy Watch4 & Watch Active4 are now registered in Korean carrier's database DB.


Watch Active4(39mm, SM-R865N)
Watch Active4(43mm, SM-R875N)
Watch4(41mm, SM-R885N)
Watch4(45mm, SM-R895N)

*OMD=Unlocked pic.twitter.com/ThQza9bbMR


— Tron ❂ (@FrontTron) May 13, 2021


However, a simultaneous report from a Korean website called Money Today does repeat those claims.


Money Today also predicts there won’t be a blood glucose monitor that has been widely rumored, which doesn’t seem like a huge surprise. Samsung does seem to be leading the race in this area, but it’s unsurprising the tech won’t land in time for a 2021 release.


And that neatly brings us onto release dates. MT reports the Galaxy Watch 4 is on course for a “July or August” launch. Previous rumors have pointed to a slightly earlier appearance for Samsung’s new pair of smartwatches, with June touted. August would tally with previous Galaxy Watch launches and seems like a safe bet.


And finally, Money Today has also quoted sources that say that Samsung will move to Wear OS, due to a frustration with


After a month of quiet, we’re now getting a spate of similar rumors coming out around the launch of the Galaxy Watch 4 pair – and momentum seems to be gathering.



Source: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will run Wear OS – but glucose tracking is off the menu

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Exclusive: New Galaxy Watch 4 feature and Wear OS confirmed




It’s been a while since Samsung launched a new smartwatch. Earlier reports have suggested that the Galaxy Watch is due for a major overhaul this year. It’s not just the design and features that will see major changes. Samsung is reportedly going to change the entire operating system.


For the past few months, it has been rumoured that Samsung is ditching Tizen in favor of Android (Wear OS). We can now exclusively confirm some details about the company’s upcoming watches. Yes, they will be running Wear OS.

Galaxy Watch 4 will run Wear OS with One UI on top

Samsung may have as many as three new versions of its smartwatch. One will have more classic design elements, not unlike a conventional dress watch. The others, which will include an Active model, will have sporty design elements.


These new models are being developed under the codenames Wise, Fresh and Lucky. Wise has the classic design elements with the rotating bezel ring. The other two are Samsung’s sporty models for 2021.


Tizen won’t be used for this year’s smartwatches. Samsung is replacing it with Wear OS. However, it will be topped with One UI 3.x. This will be an entirely new version of One UI for Samsung’s wearable devices.


So the new watches will have a similar look and feel even though the underlying OS will be different. New SmartThings features are going to be included as well. The entire interface is going to be revamped for more ease of use.


Among the new features is one that essentially transforms your Galaxy Watch 4 into a walkie talkie. It will enable users to send short voice messages to their friends. The Apple Watch has had a similar feature for some time now.


Samsung hasn’t revealed as yet when it’s planning to launch the new wearable devices. It’s quite possible that the Galaxy Watch 4 will be unveiled alongside the new foldable smartphones. In that case, we may be treated to a bunch of new Samsung devices in July.



Source: Exclusive: New Galaxy Watch 4 feature and Wear OS confirmed

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