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Amazon Unbox Lives


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Unpacking Amazon Unbox

Amazon.com's much anticipated "Unbox" video download service launched yesterday, giving the online retail giant at least a five-day edge over Apple Computer, which is expected to launch a similar service on Tuesday.

So far, so good, at least in terms of Amazon Unbox's user interface, bloggers say. In one click, you can easily download full-length films and TV shows alike. (FYI, Amazon has exclusive rights to Star Trek episodes).

However given DRM restrictions and the download prices, some are having a hard time understanding why consumers wouldn't choose to simply buy a DVD. And of course, some can't get beyond the service's incompatibility with Macs and iPods.


(hey its riddled with drm and its kinda pricey, but the drm will be cracked, the quality is guaranteed, and if nothing else when they crack the drm it will add loads to our favorite P2P services)

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