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Brave browser for iOS now allows you save media and play it later with the new Playlist feature


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Brave browser for iOS now allows you save media and play it later with the new Playlist feature


Brave browser for iPhone and iPad has a new feature called Playlist. This option allows you to save media content from around the web and play it later from a convenient list.




Let's see how to use the Brave Playlist. You will need to be on the latest version of the iOS app, i.e. Brave browser 1.25, to access the playlist feature. Open the browser on your iOS device, and go to any site that contains an audio or video, e.g. YouTube. Aside from media streaming services, you may also open webpages that contain an embedded video, like blogs or social networks. But it really depends on the website, the Amazon Prime video website for example does not support Brave.




Brave will display a banner prompting you to add the video to the playlist, tap on it to save the content for later. You can do this manually too, tap and hold your finger on the video that is being played, and you will see the Add to Playlist option appear in the context menu.




To access your Brave playlist, tap on the three dot button in the top right corner of the browser's interface. Select the Playlist menu item, and the app will list display the content that you added to it. The playlist's GUI resembles a full screen video player.




The playback controls lets you play, pause, rewind, fast-forward, and loop the video. You can change the playback speed by 1x, 1.5x and 2x times the normal speed. Cast the video on other devices with the AirPlay button.




You can also control the playback from the iOS lockscreen, this is very useful for background playback.




The PiP (Picture in Picture) button in the top right edge, can be used to play the videos in a compact video while you browse other sites, even if you switch to other apps, e.g. while you are chatting with a friend on a different app, using a social media app, or just on the device's homescreen. And yes, PiP mode works with YouTube videos too. The best part is that you can watch the content without ads.




To manage your Brave playlist, tap the button in the top left corner. The browser lists your videos in a side-panel. You may rearrange the order of the videos by dragging and dropping them. The app places new videos at the top of the list.




Brave Playlist downloads the media to your device for offline viewing/listening, that's why you see the video size in the side-bar. Head to the browser's menu, Playlist and toggle the setting called "Auto-save for offline". This will force the browser to stream the content instead of downloading it. There are a couple of interesting options that can resume the playback from the previous position, auto-play the playlist.


According to the official announcement, Brave Playlist is also coming to Android and Desktop users later this year. Don't bother trying to sync the playlist between your iOS device and desktop version of Brave (it has a similar playlist button), I already did that and it doesn't work.



Source: Brave browser for iOS now allows you save media and play it later with the new Playlist feature

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