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The new Barnes and Noble NOOK is really just a 10-inch Android tablet made by Lenovo

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The new Barnes and Noble NOOK is really just a 10-inch Android tablet made by Lenovo




arlier today, I told someone there was a new Barnes and Noble NOOK. Their response? They had no idea Barnes and Noble was still putting out NOOK devices! Yeah, I can understand that thinking, as who in the heck even buys a NOOK nowadays? I mean, look, hardcore readers usually opt for an e-ink Amazon Kindle. For those wanting a traditional tablet, an iPad still reigns supreme.


So, yeah, with all of that said, there is an all-new NOOK coming next month, but in reality, it is just a 10-inch (technically 10.1-inch) Android tablet made by Lenovo that has the Barnes and Noble bookstore pre-loaded. While that may not sound exciting, let us remember that Lenovo does make great hardware. In the case of this tablet, which weighs less than a pound, it is priced very affordably too. And yes, it has Google Play Store support.

"Lenovo tablets lead the way for family-first entertainment with fast connectivity and powerful performance with octa-core processor featuring an up-to-2.3 GHz main frequency. The NOOK 10-inch Tablet with Android OS is a multimedia hub with a vibrant 10.1-inch HD IPS display for responsive touch and browsing. The new device has 32GB of storage with the option to expand with a microSD card, allowing readers to build an extensive digital library," explains Barnes and Noble.


The company also says, "A long-lasting battery for up to 10 hours of web browsing on a single charge will keep you up-and-running as you shop for all your favorite reads on the Barnes and Noble app. NOOK users have a vast library of eBooks at their fingertips, including more than one million books under $4.99, plus the added benefit of free in-store support in accordance with local safety protocols."




So, how much does the all-new Barnes and Noble NOOK cost? It is surprisingly affordable at just $129.99! Even if you aren't a reader or you don't care about the NOOK aspect of the tablet, this should still be considered by Android fans. A 10.1-inch Lenovo tablet with Google Play Store support at this price? Seems like a steal to me. It will be available for purchase at the beginning of April 2021.



Source: The new Barnes and Noble NOOK is really just a 10-inch Android tablet made by Lenovo

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