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Tipard PDF Converter Platinum SE - free 1-year license key


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100% Software Giveaway: Tipard PDF Converter Platinum SE – Free Registration Code – for Windows

With Tipard PDF Converter Platinum, which is given away today in a special edition, converting PDF documents to other formats becomes a child’s play. Get it with a registration code for free!


PDFs are great for reading documents but they aren’t easy to edit. PDF Converter Platinum solves that problem by allowing you to flawlessly convert PDFs to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ePub, and image formats. For example, files can be easily converted to Word or Excel formats for further editing.

Without a PDF program, PDF documents cannot be edited. With a program like Tipard PDF Converter you can at least convert the files so that you can edit the text as you like. Tipard PDF Converter can convert PDF files to Word and other text documents, among others. The program also converts PDF files into numerous image formats such as JPEG, PNG or BMP. The files can then not only be edited as desired, but also saved in the selected format.

All original information is taken from the PDF document. The conversion into image files of the popular formats JPG or GIF is no problem for the software. Integrated batch processing also makes it easier to handle larger PDF archives, where many files need to be converted to a consistent pattern at the same time.


Tipard PDF Converter Platinum SE Giveaway

Tipard PDF Converter Platinum is available for $49.00. But Through THE SOFTWARE SHOP, you can get Tipard PDF Converter Platinum SE with a registration code for FREE!




Platform: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32-bit/64-bit)

Giveaway link :




 go to the registration page by Tipard.de

The page is in German, You may need a translator






Or :





Fill in the form with the required data including your email address
Give a check on 'Ich habe die...' and 'I'am not a robot' captcha
Click on the 'Absenden' button and the confirmation email will be sent to your email address


Open the email from tipard.de and click on the confirmation link
Once confirmed, The registration code and download link will be sent to your email again.


Download the installation file by click on the 'Tipard PDF Converter Platinum SE Download' link in the email

or here:



Install it & activate the program by using the registration code from the email you've got.
Done. Enjoy the software


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