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[Expired] [ 2 March 2021 ] 57 - free Udemy courses for limited time


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1 -   Project Development Using JAVA for Beginners - 2021
Learn Java from scratch and become Software Engineer. Obtain valuable Core Java Skills And Java Certification




2 -   English Grammar Tenses & Structures : Boost English Speaking
Upgrade your English speaking, listening and writing to speak English more confidently. Be an expert in English grammar.




3 -    Recruiting in action
DOs and DON’Ts of hiring the right people for HR managers




4 -    Instagram Marketing 2021: Growth and Promotion on Instagram
Use Instagram to Target and Attract the right Followers to Grow your Account | Convert Followers into Loyal Clients




5 -     Learn Norwegian for Beginners in 150 Lessons (A1 & A2 Level)
Express yourself in everyday situations like a native Norwegian speaker. Learn grammar, vocabulary, and fun dialogues!




6 -   Portrait Photography for Absolute Beginners
Compositional Techniques for Portraits, Lighting skills, Tips for Corporate Portraits, Wedding and Event Portraits




7 -    Meditation For Beginners
Completely new to meditation? This is the course for you!




8 -    Learn To Focus: Meditation & Mindfulness For ADHD
Don't "cure" your ADHD - transform it into a superpower!




9 -   Meditation Masterclass
Accredited meditation teacher training; practice and teach a wide range of meditation techniques from around the world!




10 -   Java for Beginners - Learn all the Basics of Java
Learn Java programming with various java projects- Understand key Java elements and be able to create basic java apps




11 -   Project Management: Cost & Schedule Monitoring using EVM
Earned Value Management, Project Management, Cost Control & Monitor, Budget, Schedule & Cost Variance, Performance Index




12 -    Fundamentals of Network Security
Here we will discuss on Network Security, OSI model, Network Attack and Protection




13 -   SAP Business Analytics Essential Training
Create data visualization, monitor performance, manage risk with SAP Bl, EPM, GRC and get more insights from your data.




14 -   The Complete SAP Analytics Cloud Course 2021
Learn to create stories, plans, digital boardroom, analytic apps, and make predictions in SAC. Data source included.




15 -   Management Consulting Skills Mastery
Problem solving, communication, corporate strategy, financial analysis, operations analysis. Everything is included!




16 -   Complete Guide to Pinterest & Pinterest Growth 2021
Pinheroes - Advanced Guide To Pinterest Business ,Pinterest Growth, Tailwind and More




17 -  Reverse Engineering: Create Your Own GUI CrackMe using C++
The fun way to learn how to build windows GUI programs by creating your own crackme's for reverse engineering




18 -  ZeroCode Automated Testing Framework - From Zero to Hero
Learn how to use ZeroCode Automated testing framework for all sorts of testing needs.




19 -   Instagram Marketing For Instagram Business Beginners
Skyrocket your Instagram Following, Convert Followers to Paying Customers and Grow Your Brand with Instagram Marketing




20 -   Easy Ukulele Play-Along Children's Songs
22 children songs for kids and adults using only 3 chords.




21 -    Pinterest Marketing for Beginners
Increase Pinterest Traffic




22 -   Mastering The Complete Agile Scrum Master Workshop
Learn Agile Scrum Master Concepts for 2020 & 2021




23 -   Python Learn by Python Projects & Python Quizzes in 2021
Python full Course Python Quizzes, Python Projects in Games,Data Analysis & Python Scripting for all Python 3 Developers




24 -  Arbitrage and Amazon's Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) Program
Learn Arbitrage, selling on Amazon, FBA, product sourcing, and MORE! Everything you need to succeed and be your own boss




25 -  Online Arbitrage - Buy Products Online to Resell
Get inventory shipped right to your door! Turn around and sell it back online. This course shows you how.




26 -   Master Trigonometry and Calculus in MATLAB
Learn trigonometry, precalculus, algebra, geometry, linear algebra, complex numbers and number theory in MATLAB




27 -   HTML5 Ultimate Course
HTML5 For Web Development: Quickly Master HTML5 By Building A Project From Scratch




28 -   Matplotlib Tutorial
Plotting using Python's visualization tool




29 -    The Complete Touch Typing Masterclass: Master Touch Typing
Typing Course - Fast Typing - Typing Speed - Keyboard Typing - Speed Typing - Typing Courses




30 -    Amazon FBA - How to Find Suppliers and Manufacturers
You will learn How to use Alibaba and find Suppliers, contacting, deciding manufacturers for Amazon FBA Private Label




31 -   Passive income for programmers
Learn how to create passive income as a programmer




32 -   Cross Platform Native iOS & Android in Xamarin C# & Firebase
Developing a complete iOS / Android App using C# in Visual (or Xamarin) Studio with Firebase backend




33 -   Technical Analysis. The only way to make profit consistently
Get the Bundle of the Basics and Practical Strategies from a Retail Trader like Swing Trading-Scalping to Make Cashflow




34 -   The Ultimate Guide to Stencil for Merch By Amazon, KDP & POD
Learn to use Stencil to quickly and easily make amazing designs for Merch By Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing, and more




35 -  The Complete Google Chrome Extensions Developer Course
Publish your own Chrome Extensions by finding a programmer and learning to use the Chrome Developer Dashboard




36 -   Introduction: Make and Sell Custom Shirts w/ Merch by Amazon
Merch by Amazon allows anyone with a computer to offer their designs for sale on Amazon as print on demand shirts.




37 -   Advanced: Make and Sell Custom Shirts Using Merch by Amazon
Merch by Amazon allows anyone with a computer to offer their designs for sale on Amazon as print on demand shirts.




38 -  Core Java Programming Language Tutorial for Beginners
Learn the basics of Java programming language and start developing your own Java applications!




39 -   Automation Testing Masterclass - Java, Selenium and More
Become a full-stack automation tester, by learning about Selenium, Cucumber, Junit, Docker and other technologies!




40 -   Persuasive Writing Ft. Two Forbes Contributors & Copywriters
Forbes Contributors Renee Sylvestre-Williams & Matthew Rolnick offer a Comprehensive Guide to Persuasive Copywriting




41 -  Build an Amazon Affiliate E-Commerce Store from Scratch
Earn Passive Income by Building an Amazon Affiliate E-Commerce Store using WordPress, WooCommerce, WooZone, & Elementor




42 - HTML, CSS, & Bootstrap - Certification Course for Beginners
A Complete Guide for Beginners interested in learning HTML, CSS, & Bootstrap for Building Stylish, Responsive Web Pages.




43 -  Adobe Lightroom Masterclass - Beginner to Expert
Learn to Sort, Filter, Organize and Edit photos like a pro in this comprehensive guide to Adobe Lightroom




44 -  Install NGINX, PHP, MySQL, SSL & WordPress on Ubuntu
Learn to Install & Configure NGINX on Ubuntu 18.04. Includes MySQL, PHP, PhpMyAdmin, WordPress & SSL Integration.




45 -  iOS with Swift & Firebase
Developing a complete iPhone App with Swift in XCode and with Firebase backend




46 -   Data Structures with Python
The All-In-one Course for you to Conquer Data Structures with Python




47 -  Tally ERP9 With GST Step By Step Guide From Basic to Advance
Tally ERP 9 With GST, Tally Accounting , Inventory management, Payroll Management, Bank Reconciliation, Tally with GST




48 -  Sensors: Everything You Need To Know
Learn Everything there is to know about Sensors,how they work and how to interface them and why we need them in our life




49 -  Make Your Own Arduino Shield
Make Your Own Arduino Shield using More than 5 Software: Fritizing, Circuit maker, Easy Eda and Eagle Software.




50 -  Electronic & Electrical Devices Maintenance&Troubleshooting
This course will give you everything you need to start playing with electronics components and fix electronic devices




51 -  Debug Your Arduino Programs while Coding
Learn how to Debug Your Arduino Code and fix code errors while developing your project without adding additional codes




52 - Arduino Simulation and Block Coding
Start working with different Arduino boards without buying them and start unleashing the power of code in Simulation




53 - Fusion 360 Circuit Design and PCB Manufacturing
Learn how to create circuit design and preparing a PCB for manufacturing plus getting a 3D view of your circuit




54 -  Arduino Programming without Coding
Program the Arduino board without writing a single line of code, all that you have to do is drag and drop.




55 -  ESP32 Programming without Coding
Program ESP32 Board without writing a single code in A Professional Environment




56 -  ESP32 Bootcamp: A Step By Step Practical Approach
From Zero To Professional in ESP32, Enter the Internet of Things world with this Bootcamp




57 -  JavaScript Browser-based Arduino Control
This course will take you in a step by step guide on how to give your Arduino superpowers using JavaScript Control




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