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System Shock remake launches this summer, and there's a PC demo out today


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System Shock remake launches this summer, and there's a PC demo out today

Enhanced System Shock 2 included in pre-orders.


Nightdive Studios has confirmed its long-in-the-works System Shock remake will finally launch this summer, and, to give players a taste of its enhanced action, a new demo launches today.


It's been a long and eventful road for the System Shock remake, which was originally intended to be a remaster of Looking Glass Technologies' classic first-person sci-fi horror before ballooning in scope. By the time its Kickstarter commenced in July 2016, it was being referred to as a "reboot" and, after a rocky period of development, Nightdive announced it was putting the project on hiatus after letting "things get out of control".


Despite those rough few years, Nightdive eventually managed to get the project back on track - albeit by essentially restarting with more focussed goals - and development's been steadily ticking forward ever since, with the studio providing frequent updates on its progress.


System Shock Official Teaser Trailer.


And that dedication has finally paid off; the project is set to cross over the finish line "late summer" this year, and pre-orders for the game - which will include a copy of the upcoming System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition for all early buyers - go live today on SteamGOG, and the Epic Store. It'll cost £31.99/$44.95 USD, and those eager to learn more ahead of a purchase can check out the newly release demo, available on each storefront.


The demo offers a small, early slice of the overall System Shock experience, once again placing players in the shoes of an unnamed hacker who wakes to discover the Citadel Station in chaos, gripped by murderous robots and a megalomaniacal AI.


It'll provide a good opportunity to evaluate the remake's enhancements and additions too, including all-new HD visuals and re-recorded audio, real-time lighting, updated controls, improved hacking, a new dismemberment system, dynamic music, enemy and weapons rebalancing, plus a renovated Citadel Station, with new areas, traps, and puzzles.


Nightdive says consoles will receive the demo at a later date, and notes that its System Shock Remake will also be available to stream via Amazon's Luna this summer.



Source: System Shock remake launches this summer, and there's a PC demo out today

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