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Fitbit adds ‘Mindful Method’ wellness program for Premium subscribers


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Fitbit adds ‘Mindful Method’ wellness program for Premium subscribers




Fitbit smartwatches and trackers are great for your physical fitness, but the company is focused on your health as a whole. Beyond fitness, Fitbit can help you with stress, and a new “Mindful Method” program will help with that for premium subscribers.


Available now, Fitbit has added a collection of new “Mindful Method” stress management sessions created by renowned author and wellness expert, Deepak Chopra. The new sessions are mixed between audio and video offerings, covering topics such as sleep, stress management, wellness, mindfulness, and mind-body connection.


The first 10 of these sessions are available now in the Fitbit app for Premium subscribers, and the rest of the “Mindful Method” sessions will be added over the coming months. The first batch includes:

  • Bring Harmony & Peace to Your Day
  • Resting in Awareness
  • Mindful Centering for Stressful Days
  • Fall Asleep with Deepak Chopra’s Guided Beach Visualization
  • Prepare for Sleep with Progressive Relaxation
  • Cultivate Happiness & Positivity 
  • Cultivate an Abundance Mindset 
  • How to Let Go
  • Mindful Breathing
  • Managing Stress at All Times 




You can learn more about these sessions on the official Fitbit blog. These new sessions work best with Fitbit Sense and its added sensors, but you can use them with any Fitbit watch or tracker.


Mindful Method will launch with a collection of ten sessions, including guided meditations, sessions to prepare for restful sleep, and techniques to help you cultivate a sense of happiness and optimism whenever you need.

Additional new and exclusive sessions will roll out on Premium over the coming months, with new content added every couple of weeks through the beginning of June. These sessions will focus on mindfulness for total well-being, incorporating mindfulness throughout your day, and using it as a tool to find awareness, manage stress and emotions, and build concentration.



Source: Fitbit adds ‘Mindful Method’ wellness program for Premium subscribers

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