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[Expired] [ 21 February 2021 ] 38 - new free udemy courses for limited time


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1 - Python And Flask Framework Complete Course For Beginners
Beginner to Expert Python And Flask.Start from the basics and go all the way to creating your own applications and games




2 -  Python Demonstrations For Practice Course
This course is a depth introduction to fundamental python programming concepts by demonstrations in Python programming .




3 -    Python Made Easy for Beginners: Small Basis - Full Power
Start your Python journey here - Learn the basic principles to fully master the language - Solve and automate your work




4 -   Python Bootcamp 2021 Build 15 working Applications and Games
Learn complete python with basics, data science, data visualisation, desktop graphical applications and python for web.




5 -   Python Network Programming for Network Engineers (Python 3)
Program networks using Python version 3. Learn network programmability with this practical GNS3 and Cisco course




6 -    The Complete React Redux Node Express MySQL Developer Course
Learn Full Stack Development React & Redux & Node & Express & MySQL| integrate Node with MySQL DB and create CRUD APPS




7 -    Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads & Messenger Ads MEGA Course 2021
The Most Comprehensive Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Course from the Internet Efficiency Award Winning Instructor.




8 -    Learn 4 Steps to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing!
These 4 steps took me from a complete beginner to making a life-changing income online.




9 -   Accounting–Financial Accounting Total-Beginners to Advanced
Including well over 100 hours of content, e-book (EPUB, MOBI, PDF) ,Excel worksheet, & PDF files, this is comprehensive




10 -   QuickBooks Online (QBO) Bookkeeping With Bank Feeds 2021
Learn how to use bank feeds with QuickBooks Online QBO from a Certified Public Accountant CPA




11 -  Job Order Costing System – Managerial Accounting
Accounting for a job cost system presented by a practicing certified public accountant (CPA)




12 -   Accounting-Bonds Payable, Notes Payable, Liabilities
Accounting for bonds and notes payable including the recording of bond discount and premium, present value calculations.




13 -   Accounting for Corporations
Corporate accounting-Issuing stock, closing retained earnings, recording dividends, treasury stock, & preferred stock




14 -    Partnership Accounting
Partnership formation, net income allocation, adding new partners, liquidation, partner leaving, closing process




15 -  How to set and achieve your GOALS!
A simple and effective way to get what you want in life while keeping motivated




16 -   iGNLP™ Certificate in Advanced NLP Leadership & Management
NLP : Discover how to leverage the power and tools of NLP Neuro-linguistic programming to be a better leader or manager




17 -  Intro to React with Youtube App 2021
Learn React from the beginning! Including Reach Router, hooks, context, & create a youtube clone




18 -  Chinese Characters You Must Know for HSK 3-4 Volume 21
The Most Common Used Chinese Characters- 1001-1050 according HSK, Trace the roots and Expand Vocabulary in a Smart Way




19 -   C++ Programming Step By Step From Beginner To Ultimate Level
Discover C++ basics then Expert on Object Oriented Programming OOP, C++ Data structure, STL, C++ Projects with C++ 11/14




20 -   Agile Kanban: Kanban for Software Development Teams
Learn the Kanban way of Agile Project Management | Prepare for Kanban Certification | Kanban for Software Development




21 - Complete Graphics Design and Video Editing Masterclass
Combo Course of Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Photoshop CC for Learning Video Editing and Graphics Design




22 -   Microsoft Power BI DAX from Scratch
Hands-on guide to Microsoft Power BI DAX




23 -   Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace
A Learning & Development (L&D) - HR Perspective




24 -  Django Basic Tutorial
In this video we will see: What is Framewor, Why to use Django Framework Static and dynamic website




25 -  A Guide to Understand Java Generics with Examples
With Simple Examples Step by Step




26 - 1 Hour CSS
Learn how to code in CSS in 1 hour. This class is set up for complete beginners!




27 -  1 Hour JavaScript
Learn how to code in JavaScript in 1 hour. This class is set up for complete beginners!




28 -   Big Data on Amazon web services (AWS)
Learn About Building out Scalable, Resilient Big Data Solutions Using Various Services on AWS Cloud Platform




29 -    1 Hour HTML
Learn how to code in HTML in 1 hour. This class is set up for complete beginners!




30 -    SolidWorks Basics
Learn How To Draw a 2D Sketch with SolidWorks




31 -  English Verbs Upgrade | Speaking, Pronunciation, Grammar
Upgrade your English by mastering all the verb tenses for the Top 50 most used English verbs! Pronunciation and Speaking




32 -    Learning NGINX Web Server from Zero to Hero
install and configure NGINX on a Linux machine, and set up the rest of the pieces you need for the complete LEMP,NLB




33 -  Microsoft Excel Functions For Business 2021
Microsoft Excel Formulas and Functions




34 -  Logistics and Ocean Shipping in Supply Chain Management
Learn export & import by containers, its Logistics movement by Sea and Role in logistics, supply chain & Shipping.




35 -  Complete English Punctuation Course. English Writing Mastery
Upgrade your English Writing. Learn how to write like a native English speaker and improve your English punctuation.




36 -    Learning IT Help Desk Basics
Get the skills you need to pursue an entry-level position as an IT help desk technician




37 -  Linux for Network Engineers: Practical Linux with GNS3
Linux for Networking Engineers (CCNA, CCNP, CCIE etc). Practical Linux with GNS3 = network programmability & automation




38 -  Juniper JNCIA-JUNOS (JN0-103) with LABS
A complete JNCIA-JUNOS course with many practical LABS making you ready for the JN0-103 exam




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