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Packaging giant WestRock is still working to resume after recent Ransomware Attack

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Packaging giant WestRock revealed this week that the recent ransomware attack impacted the company’s IT and operational technology (OT) systems.


American corrugated packaging company WestRock announced at the end of January that it was the victim of a ransomware attack that impacted its information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) systems.


WestRock did not share details about the security incident, it only confirmed that its staff discovered the attack on January 23. The company reported the ransomware attack to law enforcement and notified its customers. The company is responding to the incident with the help of leading cyber defense firms.


On Friday the company provided an update on the security incident while it is working on restoring impacted systems. WestRock hasn’t shared any details about the attack, such as the family of ransomware that infected its systems. In response to the security breach, the company proactively shut down certain systems and is implementing new measures to enhance its cybersecurity posture.


WestRock confirmed that the ransomware attack impacted its production, the good news is that it has recovered most of the operations. Meantime the staff is performing some tasks manually until all systems are restored.


WestRock is still assessing the overall operational and financial impact of the ransomware attack.

“The Company’s mill system production through February 4 was approximately 85,000 tons lower than plan, and the packaging converting operations are close to returning to full planned production levels.” reads the press release published by the company.

“As a result of this incident, shipments from some of the Company’s facilities have lagged production levels. This gap is closing quickly as systems are restored. The WestRock team remains in regular communication with its customers to share information and updates and to meet their business needs. WestRock is also working with its vendors so they are informed, and supply chains remain operational.”


WestRock confirmed that it has cyber insurance business interruption insurance.

“The Company maintains a variety of insurance policies, including cyber insurance and business interruption insurance. There may be a time lag between the initial incurrence of costs and the receipt of any insurance proceeds as the Company’s operations return to normal,” adds WestRock.


Ransomware attacks, and more in general any cyber attack, could have a significant impact on the victims, including important financial losses.


Trucking giant Forward Air Corporation, which recently suffered a ransomware attack, estimated that the security breach would have an impact of $7.5 million.



Source: Packaging giant WestRock is still working to resume after recent Ransomware Attack

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