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Microsoft releases Windows Server Insider Preview build 2028


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Microsoft releases Windows Server Insider Preview build 20285



While Windows 10 is getting builds in the new rs_prerelease branch preparing for an update in the second half of the year, Windows Server has been getting updates in the fe_release branch, such as last week's build 20282. You may have thought that was the RTM build in that branch, but that's not the case, as Microsoft has now released build 20285.


On Windows 10, builds from the fe_release were temporarily served to Insiders, but there was nothing new and the program has shifted over to rs_prerelease. But that's because Windows 10 isn't getting a major update this spring, and its next big update will be in the second half of the year, while Windows 10X should be coming soon. It's not yet clear if Windows Server will also skip out on a spring feature update as well.


Build 20285 is available to download here, but Microsoft hasn't shared a changelog for it, at least not yet. Last week's build 20282 also didn't immediately have a changelog available, but it did show up on the Tech Community forums a bit later. We'll update this post if a changelog for build 20285 is shared.


In addition to Windows Server, Microsoft has also released build 20285 of the Windows 10 SDK and WDK on their respective pages. These hadn't been updated since build 20279, which was initially expected to be the RTM build, so this might be the one, barring any major issues that crop up.



Microsoft releases Windows Server Insider Preview build 2028

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