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Google Messages might stop working on uncertified Android devices starting March 31

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Google Messages is a popular messaging app that is installed on more than a billion devices, an impressive feat considering that not every Android device comes pre-installed with the app. The offering serves as a viable alternative to OEM-provided messaging apps on non-Pixel devices. The search giant’s offering can also be sideloaded on devices that are not certified for running Google Mobile Services (GMS), meaning that even devices like those from Huawei – which no longer ship with GMS – can leverage the app.


That might be changing soon, if a string in the Messages app spotted by the folks over at XDA Developers is to be believed. A teardown of the app points to a “compliance warning message” that implies that the app will stop working on uncertified devices starting March 31. The mention was spotted on a teardown of version 7.2.203.


The publication speculates that this change is being made due to the end-to-end encryption feature that is rolling out for Rich Communication Service (RCS) messages. The inability to vet uncertified devices or ascertain if they are compromised – due to the lack of Play services – might pose a risk for users. This means that starting April 1, uncertified phones could begin losing the ability to run Messages and users must look for alternate services.


It is not clear when the updated version of the Messages app will make it to all users with the compliance warning. While the change should affect only a small number of users, it further helps make the service a secure alternative for RCS messaging.



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Fortunately, there's a loophole for those who are using uncertified devices (especially those using custom ROM and unlocked bootloader) so that they can continue using the app without any additional problems.


One can edit this file, named "finsky.xml" which are located at this directory "/data/data/com.android.vending/shared_prefs/". However, this step can only be done if the phone is rooted and must have text editor app with root permissions granted.


If you find a code like this

<boolean name="device-google-certified" value="[COLOR="red"]false[/COLOR]" />

Change the code with

<boolean name="device-google-certified" value="[COLOR="green"]true[/COLOR]" />




p/s: This step is meant for Redmi 3s, but these steps can be replicated for other phones as well.

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