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Galaxy S21 is just first of many Samsung phones that are ditching the charger


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Galaxy S21 is just first of many Samsung phones that are ditching the charger

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is just the beginning



(Image credit: Future)

As expected, the Samsung Galaxy S21 will not be coming with a charging brick in the box. The move is hot on the heels of Apple, which did the exact same thing with the iPhone 12, and Samsung won’t be stopping with its latest phone.


Q&A on Samsung’s press page with Patrick Chomet, EVP and Head of the Customer Experience Office at Samsung, confirms that other Samsung phones will be ditching the charger as well. Though it won’t all happen immediately.


Chomet said that Samsung believes in “gradual removal” of charging bricks and earphones, because that apparently helps to "address sustainable consumption issues and remove any pressure that consumers may feel towards continually receiving unnecessary charger accessories with new phones.”


While we expect that removing the charger will become standard practice for Samsung flagships from now on, including the upcoming Galaxy Note 21 and Galaxy Z Fold 3, it’ll likely have an impact on cheaper phones as well.


Samsung does produce a lot of budget and mid-range devices, and it’s worth bearing in mind that there will be a point where there isn’t a charger brick inside the box. In other words, that bargain of a phone might turn out to be more expensive than you think. 


Assuming, of course, you don’t have a USB-C charging brick already. Chargers you received with other phones will work with Samsung handsets, but what you have may not be able to  the fastest charging speeds available for your phone.


It’s not clear when Samsung will be widely implementing its new "no charger" policy, but we expect it will start soon for new premium and budget handsets alike.



Source: Galaxy S21 is just first of many Samsung phones that are ditching the charger

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But then, Samsung will be forced to include charger or/and earphone as well in other selected countries, to comply with the requirements and laws there.

Like France, earphone is compulsory to be included in every smartphone released in their country according to France's law. Brazil in the other hand, the law requires charger to be included together with phone.

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