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Microsoft brings Fluent Design icons and other tweaks to Teams for Public Preview users


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Microsoft brings Fluent Design icons and other tweaks to Teams for Public Preview users


Microsoft is rolling out some updates to Teams for users that are enrolled in the new Public Preview program – a program that the Redmond firm introduced last month. This month’s updates bring some styling changes, including new background colors and tweaks to both the default and dark themes.


The company debuted the Public Preview program to induct more users to try out and give feedback on features and changes before they are shipped to all users. This branch was added to the existing Beta and Private Preview channels that were exclusive only to businesses. Interestingly, a “Developer Preview” option shows up for consumers as well, and the blog post mentions that the changes apply to “Teams for Work and Teams for Life”, with the latter pointing to the consumer version.






As for the latest update, the service now features a subtly tweaked design with drop shadows between the vertical panels to better differentiate between the columns. The company has also tweaked both default and dark themes with updated colors for the background. It says that the new Fluent Design icons with rounded corners are set to be introduced next month. The firm adds that the refreshes are being made to modernize the offering and make it “consistent” with other Microsoft 365 apps.


With these changes making it to the Public Preview program on all platforms, it should not be long before they make it to all users. You can head to the support document here that details the steps to perform to enroll into the preview program. However, for work or school accounts, the preview must be enabled by the IT admins. It will be interesting to see what other design changes make it to the collaboration service.



Microsoft brings Fluent Design icons and other tweaks to Teams for Public Preview users

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