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[Expired] Vole Media CHM Professional Edition v5.28.21012


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Vole Media CHM creates HTML 5 multimedia CHM based on commonly used word processing documents. Vole Media CHM converts word document to Sanwhole PageShare website and then compiles the website to multimedia based CHM via Microsoft standard compiler. So the created CHM is not only totally supported by Microsoft Windows but also having all Vole PageShare website features.

Since each CHM is a multimedia website, plus embedded a variety of HTML 5 advanced controls and users can read without installing any extra software, Sanwhole media CHM is not just PDF and Microsoft Word. Resumes, report, letter, agendas, announcement, bids, quotes, budgets, business plan, birthday, address book, brochures and so on are all OK. You have every reason to consider replacing your current sharing and collaborating environment with Sanwhole Media CHM.


  • Key Features:
  • Create HTML 5 multimedia CHM based on usual word processing documents.
  • Created Media CHM is totally supported by Microsoft Windows, read without installing any other software.
  • Supports menu automation, built-in previewer.
  • Supports professional table, custom HTML, advanced responsive tabs, slideshow control, accordion control, hover zoom control and more.


Please note folks: For every product you buy, you can get a worth $106 Sanwhole Office School Professional LTUD (Lifetime) license for free. You can give it to your children in school or other students to use. Please contact us within one month after purchase

Today's promotion includes the following:
Vole Media CHM Professional Edition LTUD v5.28.21012 ($0)
v5.28.21012 for PC 
Platforms: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 32-bit&64-bit with .NET 4.5.2
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