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More details are spilled about how Windows 10 could soon run Android apps

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Rumors now flying about Project Latte


Windows 10 users getting to run Android apps on their desktop is a rumor which broke earlier this week, and now we’re hearing further details of how Microsoft’s purported plans could pan out.


Keep your salt shaker handy as ever with nuggets from the rumor mill, but Zac Bowden from Windows Central is one of the more reliable Microsoft sources out there, and he’s spilled a lot more info on how Project Latte – the apparent name for Microsoft’s great Android app scheme – could work.


So yes, we now have a codename, ‘Latte’, and the idea is to provide Android apps via the Microsoft Store, with developers delivering them in the form of an MSIX (a type of Windows app package).


That should facilitate Android software coming across with very little in the way of code changes needed – hopefully – which is obviously crucial when it comes to how many developers might make the effort, and Latte will seemingly be powered by Windows Subsystem for Linux under the hood.


There’s also the apparent prospect that all this could come to fruition next year, so we might not be waiting long for Project Latte to be available. In fact, there’s a possibility it could go live with the second major update for Windows 10 in 2021 (with a reveal earlier in the year, of course).


One of the sticking points could be Google Play Services support, which Bowden reckons is unlikely to be implemented with Project Latte, meaning that some key apps might not be delivered. Or if they are, they may be stripped of any Play Services components (working against that smooth and easy delivery to the Microsoft Store goal, with little work needed, as mentioned above – or potentially causing other complications).


Question marks

There are still a number of question marks over what kind of Android apps might make it across to Windows 10, then, and even though this project is apparently underway at Microsoft now, obviously remember this is just a rumor. And perhaps more to the point, it may just be experimentation – Project Latte may not work out, and might never see the light of day on Windows 10.


Much the same as the previous effort, Project Astoria (or Windows Bridge for Android). That initiative aimed to do the same thing some five years ago, but ended up being canned (as the company switched its focus to universal apps).


Right now, you can stream Android apps to your Windows 10 desktop using the Your Phone app, but that’s not quite the same as natively running them, of course, and the big stumbling block with that feature is that it’s only available for certain Samsung smartphones.



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They had Project Edison, Project Centennial, Project Astoria and Project Islandwood  etc. already and they never went  anywhere  there  been so much fluff from Microsoft  and Windows Journalist  its hard to believe anything they say  tell you see it and what's the point unless they plain to  bring back windows   phone ?   Maybe they want  to do this because they making a Android phone to give the developers  a place to work on Microsoft apps .


But they will all be vetted  by Microsoft   and use Microsoft services and be in  Microsoft Store and many Android apps won't work without Google Services  and why would  devs port phone  apps to work with  M$  services when  even when  they had there own phone devs would not make apps  for it and they want be any way to  remove ads?  It will be up to the  developers to port them and Microsoft has not had any luck  with  getting DEVS  to do  anything since  they made Win32 .


You  can  install Android without Google services  but your limited to what apps you can use .  Amazon has had there own version  of Android  for years  and it  limited  on what apps you can use.Huawei  try to do this for there own phones and  it failed there  selling  there smartphone business because it no longer has Google Services . I think Windows Phone was one of the best phones OS ever made  but without apps  you dont have users and without users DEVs  want make apps .



And when you  have a OS with fragmented apis  like Windows has  DEVS are only going to port apps to the one people use most and that's  Win 32  api even  Windows Subsystem for Linux  lost potential .   Google  had  a little success  with it on Chrome  OS but not much because it has a very small market share  . Apple will most likely have success  with IOS apps on MAC OS   after some years  but  MAC OS needs  these apps  because most DEVS use  MACS to make IOS apps and the difference is  Google  and  Apple own the services  these apps use. it would have to be  fast and easy port or DEVs  are going to treat it just like they do Windows Phone  apps  they hardly any DEVs left maintaining what little  apps they have  in Windows 10.


Just more bloat  and bugs based on a pipe dream  .Microsoft  been trying to figure out what to do with Windows store and UWP every since they lost the smartphone wars . They need to worry about making Windows  10 usable and stable  they can't push out a small upgrade without  having to hold it back so  there users will stop calling it a piece of crap.

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1 hour ago, mp68terr said:

Win10 running android apps through linux? 🤭

Android  Runs  with  Linux  under the the hood so it's possible to do X86  but the problem is most Android apps are ARM now but some devs still do them for x86    But  there this new  Tech out for  DEVS  Run ARM apps on the Android Emulator    . You can install  Android  Studio  on Linux too. Google has a internal Micro kernel  but its designed to run android . NT kernel  is  made to run windows apps . Subsystem for Linux is for developers  and if they port Android  to it will most likely be for developers. WSL  is a pain to get working  right even for DEVS  just Google  it and you will see  so it's not something that would appeal  to most Windows users they get upset when Windows 10 has bugs .It much more easy to just dual boot with some help from the Linux Community or  just  run it in a VM  ATM.


See here

The new ARM-compatible Android 11 system images allow the entire system to run x86 natively and take advantage of virtualization technologies as usual.


Mobile phones tend to have ARM processors; consequently, many C++ dependencies you might add to your app, like a camera barcode scanner library, are only compatible with ARM processors. This is a problem if you develop on a computer with an x86-based processor, as it would prevent you from running your app.


Previously, if you wanted to get around this limitation and execute an app built for ARM on your x86 machine, you would have had to use an emulator system image with full ARM emulation. Due to the overhead of translating an entire system’s worth of ARM instructions to x86, emulator system images with full ARM emulation tend to run much slower than x86-based system images when run on x86 host machines. Additionally, emulator system images with full ARM emulation cannot take advantage of the hardware acceleration and CPU virtualization technologies provided by x86 processors.


This technology should enable more developers to test with the Android Emulator. That said, we still recommend that developers publish both x86 and ARM ABI variants of their apps to achieve the best physical device performance and reach as many users as possible. Going forward, we plan to roll this technology out across a wider variety of API levels and ensure that it supports testing all use cases that a physical device would.





If Android comes  to Windows  10 like GNU Linux Dristros  did it will be a calibration with Android  OS  .  It want be just Microsoft.. if Linux DEVS  didn't work with Microsoft they be no Linux images  in there store  but the one Microsoft makes.



How many  people install  Android Studio on Windows  to run  Android  ?  Not  many mostly only DEVS and Reverse Engineers  DO most just use some shitty Android Emulator. :lmao:

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