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Russia opens case against Google, saying it failed to delete banned content


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MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia has opened a case against U.S. tech giant Google for failing to remove banned content from its search engine, communications watchdog Roskomnadzor said on Monday.




Roskomnadzor said Google was not removing up to 30% of what it called “dangerous content”, some of which it said was extremist, pornographic and suicidal in nature. It opened “administrative proceedings” that could lead to a court case and a fine of up to 5 million roubles ($65,670).


Google in Russia declined to comment.


A Russian court previously fined Google 1.5 million roubles, in August, after finding it guilty of failing to block content banned in Russia, while other global tech companies have faced challenges in the country.


Last week lawmakers presented draft legislation that could allow the government to restrict internet access to U.S. social media platforms deemed to have discriminated against Russian media outlets.


Microsoft’s LinkedIn is blocked in Russia after a court found it breached a data-storage rule, passed in 2015, which required all data about Russian citizens to be stored within the country.


($1 = 76.1344 roubles)


Side note : Russia  fines  are  never steep but after they fine you so many times they will blacklist you just ask Microsoft  :P



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On 11/24/2020 at 5:23 AM, mp68terr said:

Search engine based on a biased algorithm minus banned/outlawed/censored/etc. content; how can it still be called a search engine? 🤔

Google is  the most annoying search engine   if you live in USA  or   EU  you  have to use AdGuard Annoyances AdBlock  filter  list so you don't have to opt in,  still  it scans your  browser like its going make you opt in then it don't . Canada dont have it yet but with them revamping  privacy its coming  soon  to there..  I know  this by using a vpn  plus  were I live  .   YouTube  is the same way .

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