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Google Translate rival promises more transparency in face off with web giant

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French firm SYSTRAN promises not to use your translation data


French company SYSTRAN is hoping to topple Google Translate by launching a new translation tool that won’t hoard your data. The new SYSTRAN Translation Widget can be inserted directly into a website, allowing SMBs to reach a global audience.


Although Google Translate offers a free and quick web service for anyone that wants a translation made, it does mean handing over data to the web giant. For sensitive information, this could lead to issues further down the line.


SYSTRAN's new widget can be deployed across most web browsers and internal company intranets, as well as working on PCs, Macs and smartphones, promising not to use your data in any way. Users can also create customized dictionaries to help translate specialized terminology more accurately.


Communicating worldwide

“The traditional approach to localizing a website can be complex and costly involving intricate workflows and numerous external suppliers,” said VP of Sales & Marketing at SYSTRAN, Ken Behan. “Our free translation widget provides companies with a tailor-made and pre-configured translation solution that takes minimal time and effort to configure. This allows companies to quickly communicate with global partners and customers who are visiting their website.”


The SYSTRAN Translation Widget is powered by the company’s Marketplace Catalog, which uses a combination of neural machine translation technology and a network of language and translation experts to train the company’s models for any language pair and domain.


Increasingly, companies are appealing to a global workforce and a worldwide customer base. This means ensuring that the translation services that they employ are not only accurate but also secure. For important documents, having confidence that translation data isn’t being stored somewhere is essential. This is an area where SYSTRAN will be hoping it has the edge over Google Translate.



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Data hoarding articles are better here.

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