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[Expired] [PC, Steam][Free to Play] Endless Zone


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A small, fast-paced game inspired by SEGA’s "Fantasy Zone" series. Play through four worlds in frenetic arcade action as you help the hero, Opbot, evade aliens, enemies, and things from another dimension on their way to freedom!

Waaaaay back -- before Endless Legend, before Dungeon of the Endless -- Opbot was just another Field Surgeon and Organ Recovery Specialist in the Mezari military.
Then, one day, something happened... and Opbot found themself on the run. In a stolen escape pod (with, fortunately, several gun emplacements), they will attempt to flee the Mezari empire, escape the tendrils of the Unfallen, avoid getting eaten by Cravers, and find a way out of a temporary breach into the Riftborn universe!
For SEGA's 60th anniversary, we're putting our favorite android through the wringer in homage to one of our favorite SEGA console games: Fantasy Zone.
Opbot got stuck in the Endless Zone. Can you get them out?




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