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Upgrade: IPS Community Suite 4.5.X


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We will be upgrading the IPS Community Suite 4 to the newest version 4.5.2. This community runs on this software created by IPS. This new update contained many new features, many improvements, and of

We thank you very much for all you are doing to make this place even better. We are aware of all the hard work involved. A job well done @Matt

Working on that.

3 hours ago, Matt said:

NewsThis update will contain many changes from IPS end, and other upgrades from our ends that we will announce later after the upgrade.


I hope that upgrades will include the leeches who not register to our forum cannot see the sharing link

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After repeated yelling from the management :-) I have not asked a question in a month in case I should post it the wrong place. Hope the upgrade brings clearer lines which question can be asked where. Why make it complicated when it can be made so much easier.


And then I hope that the joy improves on the forum users ( cosy ) Do not be angry, we must enjoy the life we have been given. Actually, what we are doing here is of very little importance in the big and whole worldview. Up with the jaws as they said during the war and drive on. It is not dangerous.

And last but not least, I hope higher powers can come up with a better translator. You can be taken for an idiot when you read part of what is written. Can it be too much to demand in the year 2020.

Have a nice Christmas. Hope everyone gets what they want

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Didn't think I'd like it when you changed a month or so back but I now I think it's great, can't wait for the improvements that are coming next.

Thanks for keeping the site going.  Keep up the good work.

Many Thanks

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Thanks for the heads up Matt. I'm looking forward to the new updates / improvements.:dance::dance::dance:

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Everything looks great, loads real fast. Is there a way thought to get the dark theme back? So dam bright.

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congratulation admin, all seem good in nsaneforums 👍


my forum using IPS also, version 4.4.x, I think it is about time to upgrade to 4.5.x 😁

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everything works as it should
I use IPS Defalut for the best



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