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Grounded crosses the one million player mark 48 hours after early access launch

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Grounded crosses the one million player mark 48 hours after early access launch


Grounded, the survival game being developed by a small team of 13 at Obsidian Entertainment, launched into Xbox Game Preview, Steam Early Access, and on Xbox Game Pass on July 28, and by the time the release was only two days old, it had already gained over a million players.


Although player data on the Xbox One and Windows 10 versions isn't available, the version on Steam has seen enormous popularity. After overtaking Microsoft Flight Simulator, the game is currently the global top seller on Steam at the time of writing, and even boasts a Mostly Positive user review score.


"With so many of you interested in our game, we can’t wait to bring you more to do in Grounded every month," said game director Adam Brennecke in the new milestone announcement blog post. "As we look forward to building Grounded together, we want to let you know that this journey is just the start of the adventure and we will be making continued updates and fixes to ensure the best player experience possible."

In the game, up to four players step into the shoes of kids who have been shrunk down to ant-size in their backyard, and while finding out how to reverse the process, they have to survive in this miniature world by hunting and growing food, building bases, and surviving any hungry spiders that may be passing by,


It was confirmed today that the early access title will be receiving monthly updates, and the first content drop will happen on August 27. Grounded is available on Xbox One, Windows 10, and Steam with a $29.99 price tag. The game is also a part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription services.



Grounded crosses the one million player mark 48 hours after early access launch



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