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Kaspersky Free support will be discontinued. It is recommended to switch to Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

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Kaspersky Free support will be discontinued. It is recommended to switch to Kaspersky Security Cloud Free


Support for the free antivirus Kaspersky Free will be discontinued soon. Kaspersky Lab recommends switching to Kaspersky Security Cloud Free or paid products

Kaspersky Lab announced the imminent termination of support for Kaspersky Free Anti-Virus. After the termination of support, Kaspersky Free will not be able to update anti-virus databases, it will become impossible to use the program.

The company recommends switching to other products with similar functions now - paid antivirus programs Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Kaspersky Total Security, Kaspersky Security Cloud or free antivirus Kaspersky Security Cloud Free.

On the official site of Kaspersky Lab, instead of Kaspersky Free, a version of Kaspersky Security Cloud Free is also available for download





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Moved from Software News.


(Security software news is better here.)

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According to forumers at MalwareTips,  it seems that the announcement is aimed at Russian users, but no news about users outside Russia regarding the discontinuation. Plus, no date was fixed yet by them and it seems the decision made by them are regional-based.


However, Kaspersky Free seems to be still available for now, this screenshot comes from a Romanian forumer:



My guess is that if KFA is replaced by KSCF in future:

1. Users currently using KFA will be given choice to upgrade KSCF for free or opt for paid subscription such as KAV, KIS, KTS.
2. KAV, KIS and KTS will eventually no longer allowing users to downgrade their product to KFA.


Till then, wait for decision to be decided internationally.

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