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[REQUEST] best free cloud for size.


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hi, I would like to know if there are free clouds with more than 15 gigabytes of space and if so if you can tell me which ones.
thank you. :)

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19 minutes ago, [email protected] said:


I'd say Mediafire is also quite good, with (free) referrals i have 54GB, but Degoo... wow! Wasn't aware of this. 100GB is quite something.

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I remembered something.....

PDrive, REBL Drive, RabbitHole and BlackHole, all at Blockstack, offer free unlimited space. That's right, unlimited. Envelop also offers free unlimited space, but for files only, at the moment you can't organize it with folders, although they do offer a browser extension, while the others do not.

These are all made using Blockstack's Blockchain so, their private and decentralized. 😉

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