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Why France is hiding a cheap and tested virus cure


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The French government is arguably helping Big Pharma profit from the Covid-19 pandemic




What’s going on in the fifth largest economy in the world arguably points to a major collusion scandal in which the French government is helping Big Pharma to profit from the expansion of Covid-19. Informed French citizens are absolutely furious about it.


My initial question to a serious, unimpeachable Paris source, jurist Valerie Bugault, was about the liaisons dangereuses between Macronism and Big Pharma and especially about the mysterious “disappearance” – more likely outright theft – of all the stocks of chloroquine in possession of the French government.


Respected Professor Christian Perronne Talked about this live in one of France’s 24/7 info channels: “The central pharmacy for the hospitals announced today that they were facing a total rupture of stocks, that they were pillaged.”


With input from another, anonymous source, it’s now possible to establish a timeline that puts in much-needed perspective the recent actions of the French government.


Let’s start with Yves Levy, who was the head of INSERM – the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research – from 2014 to 2018, when he was appointed as extraordinary state councilor for the Macron administration. Only 12 people in France have reached this status. 


Levy is married to Agnes Buzy, who until recently was minister of health under Macron. Buzy was essentially presented with an “offer you can’t refuse” by Macron’s party to leave the ministry – in the middle of the coronavirus crisis – and run for Mayor of Paris, where she was mercilessly trounced in the first round on March 16.    


Levy has a vicious running feud with Professor Didier Raoult – prolific and often-cited Marseille-based specialist in communicable diseases. Levy withheld the INSERM label from the world-renowned IHU (Hospital-University Institute) research center directed by Raoult.


In practice, in October 2019, Levy revoked the status of “foundation” of the different IHUs so he could take over their research.



French professor Didier Raoult, biologist and professor of microbiology, specializes in infectious diseases and director of IHU Mediterranee Infection Institute, poses in his office in Marseille, France. Photo: AFP/Gerard Julien


Raoult was part of a clinical trial that in which hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin healed 90% of Covid-19 cases if they were tested very early. (Early, massive testing is at the heart of the successful South Korean strategy.)


Raoult is opposed to the total lockdown of sane individuals and possible carriers – which he considers “medieval,” in an anachronistic sense. He’s in favor of massive testing (which, besides South Korea, was successful in Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam) and a fast treatment with hydroxychloroquine. Only contaminated individuals should be confined.   


Chloroquine costs one euro for ten pills. And there’s the rub: Big Pharma – which, crucially, finances INSERM, and includes “national champion” Sanofi – would rather go for a way more profitable solution. Sanofi for the moment says it is “actively preparing” to produce chloroquine, but that may take “weeks,” and there’s no mention about pricing.


A minister fleeing a tsunami


Here’s the timeline:


On January 13, Agnes Buzyn, still France’s Health Minister, classifies chloroquine as a “poisonous substance,” from now on only available by prescription. An astonishing move, considering that it has been sold off the shelf in France for half a century.


On March 16, the Macron government orders a partial lockdown. There’s not a peep about chloroquine. Police initially are not required to wear masks; most have been stolen anyway, and there are not enough masks even for health workers. In 2011 France had nearly 1.5 billion masks: 800 million surgical masks and 600 million masks for health professionals generally.


But then, over the years, the strategic stocks were not renewed, to please the EU and to apply the Maastricht criteria, which limited membership in the Growth and Stability Pact to countries whose budget deficits did not exceed 3% of GDP. One of those in charge at the time was Jerome Salomon, now a scientific counselor to the Macron government.    


On March 17, Agnes Buzyn says she has learned the spread of Covid-19 will be a major tsunami, for which the French health system has no solution. She also says it had been her understanding that the Paris mayoral election “would not take place” and that it was, ultimately, “a masquerade.”


What she does not say is that she didn’t go public at the time she was running because the whole political focus by the Macron political machine was on winning the “masquerade.”


The first round of the election meant nothing, as Covid-19 was advancing. The second round was postponed indefinitely. She had to know about the impending healthcare disaster.


But as a candidate of the Macron machine she did not go public in timely fashion. 

In quick succession:


The Macron government refuses to apply mass testing, as practiced with success in South Korea and Germany.  

Le Monde and the French state health agency characterize Raoult’s research as fake news, before issuing a retraction.


Professor Perrone reveals on the 24/7 LCI news channel that the stock of chloroquine at the French central pharmacy has been stolen.


Thanks to a tweet by Elon Musk, President Trump says chloroquine should be available to all Americans. Sufferers of lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, who already have supply problems with the only drug that offers them relief, set social media afire with their panic.


US doctors and other medical professionals take to hoarding the medicine for the use of themselves and those close to them, faking prescriptions to indicate they are for patients with lupus or rheumatoid arthritis.


Morocco buys the stock of chloroquine from Sanofi in Casablanca.

Pakistan decides to increase its production of chloroquine to be sent to China.


Switzerland discards the total lockdown of its population; goes for mass testing and fast treatment; and accuses France of practicing  “spectacle politics.” 

Christian Estrosi, the mayor of Nice, having had himself treated with chloroquine, without any government input, directly calls Sanofi so they may deliver chloroquine to Nice hospitals. 

Because of Raoult’s research, a large-scale chloroquine test finally starts in France, under the – predictable – direction of INSERM, which wants to “remake the experiments in other independent medical centers.” This will take at least an extra six weeks – as the Elysee Palace’s scientific council now mulls the extension of France’s total lockdown to … six weeks.


If joint use of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin proves definitely effective among the most gravely ill, quarantines may be reduced in select clusters.


The only French company that still manufactures chloroquine is under judicial intervention. That puts the chloroquine hoarding and theft into full perspective. It will take time for these stocks to be replenished, thus allowing Big Pharma the leeway to have what it wants: a costly solution.  


It appears the perpetrators of the chloroquine theft were very well informed.


Bagged nurses


This chain of events, astonishing for a highly developed G-7 nation proud of its health service, is part of a long, painful process embedded in neoliberal dogma. EU-driven austerity mixed with the profit motive resulted in a very lax attitude towards the health system.


As Bugault told me, “test kits – very few in number – were always available but mostly for a small group connected to the French government [ former officials of the Ministry of Finance, CEOs of large corporations, oligarchs, media and entertainment moguls].  Same for chloroquine, which this government did everything to make inaccessible for the population.


They did not make life easy for Professor Raoult – he received death threats and was intimidated by ‘journalists.’


And they did not protect vital stocks. Still under the Hollande government, there was a conscious liquidation of the stock of masks – which had existed in large quantities in all hospitals. Not to mention that the suppression of hospital beds and hospital means accelerated under Sarkozy.”


This ties in with anguished reports by French citizens of nurses now having to use trash bags due to the lack of proper medical gear.


At the same time, in another astonishing development, the French state refuses to requisition private hospitals and clinics – which are practically empty at this stage – even as the president of their own association, Lamine Garbi, has pleaded for such a public service initiative: “I solemnly demand that we are requisitioned to help public hospitals. Our facilities are prepared. The wave that surprised the east of France must teach us a lesson.”


Bugault reconfirms the health situation in France “is very serious and will become even worse due to these political decisions – absence of masks, political refusal to massively test people, refusal of free access to chloroquine – in a context of supreme distress at the hospitals. This will last and destitution will be the norm.” 


Professor vs president


In an explosive development on Tuesday, Raoult said he’s not participating in Macron’s scientific council anymore, even though he’s not quitting it altogether. Raoult once again insists on massive testing on a national scale to detect suspected cases, and then isolate and treat patients who tested positive. In a nutshell: the South Korean model.  


That’s exactly what is expected from the IHU in Marseille, where hundreds of residents continue to queue up for testing. And that ties in with the conclusions by a top Chinese expert on Covid-19, Zhang Nanshan, who says that treatment with chloroquine phospate had a “positive impact,” with patients testing negative after around four days. 


The key point has been stressed by Raoult: Use chloroquine in very special circumstances, for people tested very early, when the disease is not advanced yet, and only in these cases.


He’s not advocating chloroquine for everyone. It’s exactly what the Chinese did, along with their use of Interferon. 


For years, Raoult has been pleading for a drastic revision of health economic models, so the treatments, cure and therapies created mostly during the 20th century, are considered a patrimony in the service of all humanity.“That’s not the case”, he says, “because we abandon medicine that is not profitable, even if it’s effective. That’s why almost no antibiotics are manufactured in the West.”


On Tuesday, the French Health Ministry officially prohibited the utilization of treatment based on chloroquine recommended by Raoult.  In fact the treatment is only allowed for terminal Covid-19 patients, with no other possibility of healing. This cannot but expose the Macron government to more accusations of at least inefficiency – added to the absence of masks, tests, contact tracing and ventilators.


On Wednesday, commenting on the new government guidelines, Raoult said, “When damage to the lungs is too important, and patients arrive for reanimation, they practically do not harbor viruses in their bodies any more. It’s too late to treat them with chloroquine. Are these the only cases – the very serious cases – that will be treated with chloroquine under the new directive by [French Health Minister] Veran?” If so, he added ironically, “then they will be able to say with scientific certainty that chloroquine does not work.”


Raoult was unavailable for comment on Western news media articles citing Chinese test results that would suggest he is wrong about the efficacy of chloroquine in dealing with mild cases of Covid-19.


Staffers pointed instead to his comments in the IHU bulletin. There Raoult says it’s “insulting” to ask if we can trust the Chinese on the use of chloroquine. “If this was an American disease, and the president of the United States said, ‘We need to treat patients with that,’ nobody would discuss it.”


In China, he adds, there were “enough elements so the Chinese government and all Chinese experts who know coronaviruses took an official position that ‘we must treat with chloroquine.’ Between the moment when we have the first results and an accepted international publication, there is no credible alternative among people who are the most knowledgeable in the world. They took this measure in the interest of public health.”


Crucially: if he had coronavirus, Raoult says he would take chloroquine. Since Raoult is rated by his peers as the number one world expert  in communicable diseases, way above Dr. Anthony Fauci in the US, I would say the new reports represent Big Pharma talking.


Raoult has been mercilessly savaged and demonized by French corporate media that are controlled by a few oligarchs closely linked to Macronism. Not by accident the demonization has reached gilets jaunes (yellow vest) levels, especially because of the extremely popular hashtag  #IlsSavaient (“They knew”), with which the yellow vests stress that French elites have “managed” the Covid-19 crisis by protecting themselves while leaving the population defenseless against the virus.


That ties in with the controversial analysis by crack philosopher Giorgio Agamben in a column published a month ago, where he was already arguing that Covid-19 clearly shows that the state of exception – similar to a state of emergency but with differences important to philosophers – has become fully normalized in the West.


Agamben was speaking not as a doctor or a virologist but as a master thinker, following in the steps of Foucault, Walter Benjamin and Hannah Arendt. Noting how a latent state of fear has metastasized into a state of collective panic, for which Covid-19 “offers once again the ideal pretext,” he described how, “in a perverse vicious circle, the limitation of freedom imposed by governments is accepted in the name of a desire for security that was induced by the same governments that now intervene to satisfy it.”


There was no state of collective panic in South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam – to mention four Asian examples outside of China. A dogged combination of mass testing and contact tracing was applied with immense professionalism. It worked. In the Chinese case, with the help of chloroquine. And in all Asian cases, without a murky profit motive to the benefit of Big Pharma.


There hasn’t yet appeared the smoking gun that proves the Macron system not only is incompetent to deal with Covid-19 but also is dragging the process so Big Pharma can come up with a miracle vaccine, fast. But the pattern to discourage chloroquine is more than laid out above – in parallel to the demonization of Raoult. 



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Interview with Professor Didier Raoult in the Parisien newspaper 22 March 2020


[Translation Robert Harneis – The article in French is Here


LE PARISIEN – The government has authorized a large scale clinical trial to test the effect of Chloroquine on Coronavirus. Is having got that to happen important for you?


DIDIER RAOULT – No, I couldn’t care less. I think there are people living on the Moon and who contrast controlled trials for Aids with trials for a new infectious disease. Like any other doctor, once a treatment has been shown to be effective, I find it immoral not to use it. It is as simple as that.


LE PARISIEN – What do you say to doctors who recommend caution and have reservations about your trials and the effect of Chloroquine, particularly in the absence of more extensive trials?


DIDIER RAOULT – Let me make myself clear: I am a scientist and I think like a scientist with verifiable evidence. I have produced more data about infectious diseases than anybody else in the world. I am a doctor, I see sick patients. I have 75 patients in hospital, 600 consultations a day.

So, regarding the opinions of other people, I couldn’t care less. In my team we are practical people, not birds for television interviews.


LE PARISIEN – How did you come to work on Chloroquine with the idea that it could be an effective treatment for Coronavirus?


DIDIER RAOULT – The problem in this country is that the people that talk are abysmally ignorant. I did a scientific study of Chloroquine and viruses, which was published, thirteen years ago. Since then four other studies by other authors have shown that Coronavirus responds to Chloroquine. None of that is new.

That the group of decision makers do not even know about the latest science takes my breath away. We knew about the potential effect of Chloroquine on cultured viral samples. It was known that it was an effective antiviral.

We decided in our experiments to add a course of treatment of azithromicyne (an antibiotic used against bacterial pneumonia – ed).

When we added azithromycine to hydrochloroquine, in treating patients suffering from Covid-19, the results were spectacular.


LE PARISIEN – What do you expect from the bigger scale trials on Chloroquine?


DIDIER RAOULT – Nothing at all. With my team we think we have found a treatment. And as far as medical ethics are concerned, I do not think I have the right as a doctor not to use the only treatment which has so far worked.

I am convinced that in the end everybody will use this treatment. It is only a matter of time before people agree to eat their hats and to say that is what should be done.


LE PARISIEN – In what form and for how long do you administer chloroquine to your patients?


DIDIER RAOULT – We give hydro chloroquine in doses of 600mg per day for 10 days (the name of the medicine is Plaquenil – ed.) in tablet form administered three times a day. And 250 mg of azithromycine twice a day for the first day and then once a day for five days.


LE PARISIEN – Is it a treatment that can be taken as a preventive?


DIDIER RAOULT – We don’t know.


LE PARISIEN – When you apply the treatment, after how long can a patient with Covid 19 be cured?


DIDIER RAOULT – What we know for the moment is that the virus disappears after six days.


LE PARISIEN – Even so, do you understand why certain of your colleagues are cautious about this treatment?


DIDIER RAOULT – People give their opinions about everything but I only talk of things I know about, I don’t give my opinion about the French football team! Each to his own. Today, scientific communication in this country is on the level of a chat in a bistro.


LE PARISIEN – But aren’t there precautionary rules to follow before using a new treatment?


DIDIER RAOULT – To those who say there has to be thirty multi-centered studies with a thousand patients, I reply that if we had to apply these existing methodological rules, we would have to re-do a study on the usefulness of the parachute. Take a hundred people, half with parachutes and half without and count the dead at the end to see which is the best method.

When you have a treatment that works versus zero other available treatments, this treatment should be the norm.

And I am free to proscribe it as a doctor. It is not necessary to obey the orders of the state to treat patients. The recommendations of the Health Authority are advice, but not binding. Since Hippocrates, the doctor does what is best, to the best of his knowledge according to the state of scientific knowledge.


LE PARISIEN – What of the risks of serious undesirable side effects connected with taking chloroquine, especially high doses?


DIDIER RAOULT – Contrary to what certain people say on the television, Nivaquine (name of a medicine based on chloroquine – ed.) is rather less toxic than a strong dose of Doliprane or Aspirin.

In any event, a medicine should not be taken lightly and always prescribed by a general practitioner.


LE PARISIEN – Are you aware that you have given rise to an immense amount of hope of a cure for affected patients?


DIDIER RAOULT – What I see, essentially, is that there are doctors writing to me from all over the world every day to know how to treat patients with hydroxy chloroquine. I have had calls from Massachusetts General Hospital and the Mayo Clinic in London.

The two world leading specialists, one of infectious diseases and the other for antibiotics have contacted me to ask for details on how to put this treatment into effect.

Even Donald Trump has tweeted on the results of our tests. It is only in this country that people don’t quite know who I am! Just because you don’t live inside the Périphérique (the dual carriageway round Paris – tr.) does not mean that you can’t do science. This country has become Versailles in the 18th Century.


LE PARISIEN – What do you mean by that?


DIDIER RAOULT – Discussions are going on between French people or even between Parisians. But Paris is completely out of touch with the rest of the world.

Take the example of South Korea and China where there are no more cases. In these two countries, they decided a long time ago to do tests on a great scale to be able to diagnose infected patients more quickly. It is the basic rule in dealing with infectious diseases.

But we have arrived at a degree of madness where doctors in television studios do not advise diagnosing the illness, but tell people to stay shut up at home. That is not medicine.


LE PARISIEN – You don’t think that shutting up the population will be effective?


DIDIER RAOULT – We have never done this in modern times. It was done in the 19th Century for Cholera in Marseille. The theory of isolating people to stop the spread of an infectious disease has never been successfully tested. We don’t even know if it works. What is going to happen when people are shut up in their homes for 30 or 40 days? In China there are reports of suicides out of fear of Coronavirus. Some people will be fighting amongst themselves.


LE PARISIEN – Should we, as recommended by the WHO carry out extensive testing in France?


DIDIER RAOULT –We have to have the courage to say it: the mish mash ‘à la française’ does not work. France is only at 5000 tests a day whilst in Germany they are carrying 160,000 a week! There is a sort of dissonance. With infectious diseases, you diagnose the patient and when you have the result you treat them. Particularly as we are starting to see people with the virus apparently without visible symptoms, but who in quite a lot of cases have pulmonary lesions visible on the scanner, showing they are ill. If these people are not treated in time there is a reasonable risk that we will have them in recovery or that we will lose them. Not to test people until they are seriously ill is thus an extremely artificial way of increasing mortality.


LE PARISEN – And should everybody wear masks?


DIDIER RAOULT –It is difficult to evaluate. We know that it is important for health workers because they are the rare people who have really have very close contact with sick patients when they examine them, sometimes 20cm from their faces.

We don’t really know how far the virus reaches. But certainly not more than a meter. So beyond that distance perhaps it does not make sense to wear a mask.

In any event, the hospitals should have the priority for masks to safeguard health workers. In Italy and in China, a considerable percentage of the sick turned out in the end to be health workers.




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French researchers completed new additional study on 80 patients, results show a combination of Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin to be effective in treating COVID-19



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Please be reminded that for any drug or vaccine targeting new and not fully known diseases, there is a protocol to respect and sufficient feedback to be gathered.

In this particular case, Raoult started with a 24 people test group, and gathered promising results, but 24 is just too small of a sample to provide a definitive answer on whether or not we should massively treat infected people with chloroquine.


On personal side, I have friends working in international food company and preparing a Phd in microbiology and he told me that Raoult was a controversial figure in the scientific community because he tends to rush on things and doesn't fully respect commonly approved testing procedure. It doesn't mean that he is wrong in his claim on Covid-19 treatment, but it still doesn't mean he is right.

Extending testings to 80 people group is on the right track but it's still not significant enough.

Although I don't fully approve the French government behavior, what matters is to follow proper testing process as much as possible.

Let's just imagine that chloroquine treated people develop dangerous symptoms after some times, making it worse that untreated people ?

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Unprecedented political will could bring a quick vaccine in months


Moderna’s SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine’s Fast Track to Clinical Trials Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

How Aussie university can 'fast-track' coronavirus vaccine 9News

Singapore scientists study genes to fast-track coronavirus vaccine Reuters.co.uk

Gene study to fast-track virus vaccine 9News09:

Singapore scientists study genes to fast-track coronavirus vaccine Reuters.co.uk07

DCGI to fast-track approval for Covid-19 drug, vaccine The Times of India


political will = money

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Amid a pandemic panic over the coronavirus, evidence for a possibly effective treatment has been denounced as ‘fake news’ – even when offered by a renowned scientist with decades of experience.


Take Didier Raoult, a French microbiologist with undeniable expertise, even if some of his views are about as eccentric as his appearance. Though he may look like he just stepped out of an Alexandre Dumas novel, the director of the Mediterranean University Hospital Institute in Marseille cited not one but three different studies from China showing that the anti-malaria drug called chloroquine has been effective in treating Covid-19 patients. 


#chloroquine Pr Didier Raoult : «C'est quand les patients ont des formes modérées, moyennes, ou qui commencent à s'aggraver, qu'il faut les traiter. A ce moment là on contrôle les virus qui se multiplient. Quand ils sont rentrés en réanimation, le problème ce n'est plus le virus» pic.twitter.com/WolGe2o05z

— Alex (@AlexLeroy90) March 25, 2020


That did not stop Le Monde, France’s biggest newspaper, of declaring his February 25 video as “partially false.” Raoult’s 'sin' was to argue that the common anti-malaria drug used widely for decades resulted in “dramatic improvements” among those afflicted by the virus.


As a result of Le Monde’s fact-check, anyone attempting to share Dr. Raoult’s videos on Facebook gets a banner saying the information therein was “partially false” as “determined by independent fact-checkers.” 


The main argument put forward by those critical of the drug is that more testing is required before it can be officially approved as treatment for the coronavirus. As the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) puts it, “There are no currently available data from Randomized Clinical Trials…to inform clinical guidance on the use, dosing, or duration of hydroxychloroquine” treatments for Covid-19.


Which is fair enough, but last time I checked, there was a pandemic going on, with billions of people locked in their homes and all business grinding to a halt across the globe, over apocalyptic predictions of hospitals brimming with corpses due to this coronavirus.


Should any kind of treatment – especially a drug that has been used safely for decades to treat something else, with side effects meticulously documented – be so cavalierly rejected, under the circumstances? Do “experts” really think the world has the luxury of waiting for months or even years for their controlled lab studies?


As for the fact-checkers, shouldn’t they have applied the same rigor to the models used to scare everyone into hoarding toilet paper and setting off a depression orders of magnitude worse than anything the world has ever seen?


ALSO ON RT.COMNot letting a crisis go to waste: Some seize on Covid-19 to force change on America


To ask these questions is to answer them, yet no one seems to bother. Nor is this sort of selective blindness endemic to France; across the Atlantic, the mainstream media raised their voices in unison against chloroquine after US President Donald Trump brought it up as a possible treatment – apparently referring to Dr. Raoult’s work. 


They went so far as to widely circulate a deliberately misleading story about an Arizona couple that ate fish tank cleaner – chloroquine phosphate, clearly labeled not for human consumption – as somehow Trump’s fault. Some of them quietly amended it to specify the difference, but long after the original story – implying they took the actual medication praised by the president – literally went viral and poisoned the minds of millions. 


Worse yet, as a result of this media blitz, the governor of Nevada actually banned using chloroquine to treat Covid-19 patients this week, saying there was “no consensus among experts or Nevada doctors” that the anti-malaria drug can treat coronavirus sufferers. There were no angry editorials denouncing Steve Sisolak, a Democrat, for letting people die or the coronavirus rather than have them treated with a drug endorsed by the Republican president and the media’s favorite hate object.


Devil in the details: Media jumps to blame Trump for death of man who self-medicated with FISH TANK CLEANER containing chloroquine


One would think the world paralyzed with fear of the invisible death would pounce on every possible solution, no matter how unlikely it seems. That’s what we’re shown in Hollywood disaster movies, after all. Yet when such a solution presents itself, it is dismissed and denounced as “not proven”! 


We’re supposed to blindly trust apocalyptic models produced by panic-mongering political hacks, but ignore the man who says the drug brought him back from the brink of death, even though his story can be easily verified and theirs cannot. 


“Preferring opinions to facts is a disease,” Dr. Raoult told the French magazine Marianne last week. Just so.


I don’t know if hydroxychloroquine works on Covid-19. Dr. Raoult seems to believe so, and he’s not alone. In the absence of better solutions – and locking billions of people in their homes indefinitely is not one – don’t we owe humanity to at least try? What do we have to lose? 


In the three months or so since the coronavirus first appeared in China, there has been a lot of conflicting, confusing and outright false information about it. One thing that has consistently proven true, however, is that the biggest obstacle in effectively battling its spread and treating the afflicted has been the obtuse insistence of the political and medical establishment on blindly following their rules. If the virus is truly threatening to kill millions, as they say, they would not value procedures over saving

lives. Nevertheless, they persist. It makes one wonder why.



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Australia to get virus 'miracle drug' hydroxychloroquine soon


Health minister Greg Hunt has struck a deal to bring hydroxychloroquine, a so-called virus wonder-drug touted by US President Donald Trump, into Australia.


Speaking on A Current Affair, Hunt said he was "just off a call" with an international supplier organising a deal to get the drug into Australia and that it was "breaking news".


Asked about the possibility of having a vaccine specifically for Covid-19 soon, Hunt said Australia was "helping to lead the world a realistic timeframe" on a vaccine, but it wasn't there yet.


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Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread

Virology Journal

Published: 22 August 2005




Chloroquine, a relatively safe, effective and cheap drug used for treating many human diseases including malaria, amoebiosis and human immunodeficiency virus is effective in inhibiting the infection and spread of SARS CoV in cell culture. The fact that the drug has significant inhibitory antiviral effect when the susceptible cells were treated either prior to or after infection suggests a possible prophylactic and therapeutic use.


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