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PopcornFlix is a legal and free streaming website

Disco Bob

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PopcornFlix is a legal and free streaming website that offers a variety of free to watch kids TV, full length movies and other TV. Most of the kids stuff is 80's, but some of the films are resonably recent, as well as some old classics.
There are some pretty solid guilty pleasures to choose from if you dig around a little. In any case, it’s worth checking out if you want to watch a movie or TV show for free. And it will pass a few hours away, or more, if you kid(s) get into a particular series or two. My lad is watching the Sonic episodes at present. You can access Popcornflix on a computer or the app is also available on Roku, Xbox, Google Play, Amazon, and Apple.
*Make sure you have any AdBlocker disabled as it detects if you have it on and won't play the TV / movies. I've found a few won't work without a VPN, but I haven't come across any issues with the Kids TV shows.



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