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[Expired] AnyMP4 TransMate


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Transfer files between iOS and Android or between iOS/Android and a computer without experiencing glitches or any other technical difficulties

With more and more individuals switching from one brand of smartphone to another, from one OS to the other, and as frequently as maybe every few months, there really shouldn't be any surprise about the current market demanding apps and programs that have data transfer capabilities between handhelds and PCs or between handhelds alone. AnyMP4 TransMate is one particular transfer solution for people changing from one device to another, or who simply need to back up some of the info on their handheld.
The features it boasts are extensive

What must be understood from the start is that TransMate aims to be simply too many things. It's not just a data transfer application. It can also work as a backup and restore tool from your phone to your PC. It converts HEIC files to JPEG or PNG, this being a feature aimed at iPhone users. It also allows one to create MP3 or M4R ringtones. Last but not least, one can directly edit phone content from within the application window. You really can't help but notice that someone fitted lots of features in one universal-looking app.
A confusing menu makes for "fun" times

While the application does behave as expected, due to the amount of features and things it does, the menu is confusing at times, even a little bit frustrating. Everywhere you look, you see a button, slider or box. On the plus side, data transfer can be used between Android phones and iOS devices, between iOS and iOS, Android and Android, and Android or iOS and PC. Depending on what you need, you can transfer files quite easily. Connection is not an issue either, as for iOS devices you won't even need iTunes installed. Android devices connect easily, as expected.

Thus, the verdict on AnyMP4's TransMate is that while it boasts quite a lot of features, as a user, you can't help but feel that the app has been saturated with features, some not even relevant to the purpose it wants to serve. One final thought regards the ringtone creator. It's a nice addition, yet in these modern times, few will be those who are going to actually use it to create a unique ringtone. Nowadays you can customize your ringtone right from your phone's settings. If you find you need all the features this app offers, then go for it, but otherwise, if you need a simple phone file transfer utility, look elsewhere.


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Windows 8 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit
Windows Vista 32/64 bit
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