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Disco Bob

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Navigator PRO is a user friendly tool to explore places in your country or abroad. This Android app has made the high quality detailed street maps data very easy to use to all types of users.

Unlike other apps, the maps of Navigator PRO can be stored in the memory of your smartphone and you can browse the map anytime you prefer, even without an internet connection. The app will get auto integrated with your handset’s GPS and will offer 100% accurate and authentic routing via audio and optical guidance for car, bike, cycle and even for the tourists that have come to new place for holiday or on an official tour.
Not only online routing and offline maps for best convenience of knowing geographical location and other location details, Navigator PRO has a lot of other features to offer to all its users. Check some of the main functionalities here, which are the advanced utility features of this Android GPS app.

The features of the app:

Amazing view of the map

• Check your current position on the map: it will help you find out your best way of transport,
• Optionally you can align the map according to your route,
• You can save your preferred places as favorites: you can access them as you access your bookmarks at one go,
• The map will point all the places of interest around you: excellent feature for planning your vacation,
• The app has many map modes like satellite view for your smartphone.

Awesome navigation features

• The app works both online and offline: there is no roaming charge while you will use it in abroad,
• You will be facilitated with recorded voice-prompt for better and updated navigation support as maps driving directions,
• The app will display intermediate points and route your destination,
• You can get to enjoy rerouting facility if you suddenly change your route,
• You can search for specific places in an area simply by typing the name: navigating in a new place has become quite easy other than usual car GPS system.

Safety features

• The map offers automated day/night view and you can switch the view according to needs,
• Speed limit display is available and you can set reminder if you exceed the limit,
• You can enjoy map zooming facility which is strictly speed-dependent,
• You can share your location with your friends so that they can find you at one go.

Millions of points of interest with user friendly bicycle and pedestrian features

• The app offers walking, cycling and biking paths: it is an exceptional support for outdoor enthusiast,
• You can get to enjoy speed and altitude display,
• The app will let you know an overview of transport options of a place.

This application is based on OsmAnd project under the GNU GPLv3 license and uses high quality data from OSM.

Currently the app will offer you offline map support for USA, China, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, India, Hungary, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, UK, South Africa, and many more. Finding accommodation, car-parking, restaurants, bars, clubs, cinemas, theaters, shops, parks, schools, hospitals, sport complexes at your fingertips was never so easy!

Download the app now and enjoy the places around you as your hometown with all information at your fingertips. It is easy to use an app with priceless utility features for your best benefits and family safety. Turn your android device into a Navigator PRO.



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I clicked on the sad emoji. We will never get to use so a great app. No more travel anywhere. We are all doomed.    /S/S/S/S



Sarcasm for all you that can't see the /S with the cap SSSSS. Every1 needs to relax a little. Currently affecting less than 1 percent of 1 percent of the world population and only a small percent of those dying... But we still need to keep safe and do what we can. But the best we can do is relax and stop taking our anxieties out on other people...

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