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Dutch PM boasts Netherlands has so much toilet paper ‘we can sh*t for 10 years’


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Despite international reports of toilet paper shortages due to panic buying amid the coronavirus pandemic, Dutch PM Mark Rutte told a fellow compatriot that the Netherlands has at least a decade worth of the stuff.


The PM was visiting a local supermarket on Thursday when one shopper asked him if he had enough toilet paper. Rutte replied that he had, and “there is also enough for the next 10 years throughout the Netherlands.”


“We have so much, we can sh*t for 10 years,” he added.




As with many other countries, the Netherlands has seen a spate of reports of shoppers panic-buying toilet paper in recent days, particularly as the country increased restrictions to mitigate the spread of the deadly Covid-19 virus.


Some Dutch consumers had different priorities, though, queueing outside coffee shops last weekend to stock up on weed before they were shuttered by the government.



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