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Kodi 19 will get tvOS support but will drop iOS 32-bit


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Kodi 19 will get tvOS support but will drop iOS 32-bit

Apple TV and remote


When Kodi 19 arrives in the near future, it will be able to run on tvOS devices as long as they’re jailbroken. If you’ve been running the media player on iOS 32-bit devices, unfortunately, you’ll lose support. The earliest devices with support for this update will be iPhone 5s, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, and the iPod Touch 6th gen.


Explaining the reasons for dropping 32-bit iOS devices, phunkyfish from Kodi said:

“Unfortunately, in order to keep things maintainable, we have decided that iOS 32-bit will no longer be supported from Kodi 19 onwards. We understand this will affect our users, and we don't make this decision lightly. As a small team of volunteers, we have to balance maintainability and the time it takes to add new features in the future.”

Kodi on tvOS is described as “fully featured” coming with support for top-shelf (not available with the free dev certificate) and the Siri remote on both the Apple TV (4th gen) and Apple TV 4K. As mentioned earlier, you will need to jailbreak or sideload the app onto the device.


It’s unclear when Kodi 19 will be made available as a stable update but right now it’s listed under the Development Builds tab on the Kodi website. The current version is Kodi 18.6 and version 18.7 is being developed too.



Source: Kodi 19 will get tvOS support but will drop iOS 32-bit (Neowin)

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if you  want watch YouTube  in  Kodi you  have to sign up at Google and make your own  api keys  the addon stop working  meaning  they 100s  of YouTube  addons not   working unless  you make more API keys .


More Info here






I already have API keys  I made for bunches  of services  that were optional or because sometimes devs get  one of there keys blacklisted .  It's a shame i can watch torrents with addons that not updated in years but you can't watch YouTube without signing in with your own API key . To many other methods  to watch YouTube without signing in  to even bother .


You dont really need  Youtube  api to play videos  in 3rd party  players  it only needed to search for the video  , Other  API  and search  engines work for this  and you  can play them  in 3rd party players  by using  context menu    addons like Open with MPV , Open with VLC  in browsers  that still use  legacy addons  . Also  you can use Open With  and add your own players  in Chrome  and Firefox it you  take the time to read how to install it proper most context menu addons  for web extensions require you install a dependency  now because web extension APIs are a jail  so you need  a wrapper  to break out of jail .


SMPlayer has SMTube it uses another API for YouTube and it let you find and play videos from Youtube  with SMPlayer , VLC and  MPV.  All  need is YouTube  links to play them.

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