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RaveDJ, a website that uses artificial intelligence to create mixes and mashups

Tux 528

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Hi all!
A few days ago, I discovered a great site that allows you to create mixes and mashups directly online. Called RaveDJ, this mixing and mashup platform based on artificial intelligence allows you to easily combine songs to create a new track in seconds. :D 😍


Homepage: https://rave.dj/

Official Reddit page: https://www.reddit.com/r/ravedj/comments/9h9vv6/welcome_to_ravedj/


Simply click on the "Create" button on the service homepage to add YouTube or Spotify tracks or playlists, or direct links to specific songs.

Depending on the number of tracks added, the site will offer you to create a mashup or a mix. Note that you can currently create a mashup with only 2 tracks, and mixes with a minimum of 10 tracks and a maximum of 500. Once your songs have been included in your composition, simply click on the "Create a mashup/Mix % tracks" button and wait for the service to download, analyze and mix all your songs. ;)


At the end of the operation, just click on the Play button to listen to your mix or mashup, which you can share if you wish. You can also listen to recent or popular mixes or mashups created by other users of the service by clicking on the one you are interested in on the homepage.

I think the mixes are great: the songs are all set to the same BPM and tone, and are played progressively, like a real DJ. The transitions made between each track are also very well done for most of the songs. ^_^


For the mashups, it's different: the service tries to superimpose the 2 songs together and to vary their volume, but it's not always very successful, even if it depends once again on the songs chosen. However, there is no doubt that this software will improve with time, so don't hesitate to test it! :thumbsup:


Small precision for house music and EDM fans: if you want to keep your mixes and mashups, you can create an account from the homepage ("Login" button), to listen to them again later or share them with your friends. Unfortunately, RaveDJ doesn't offer an option to download the mixes and mashups created with the service, which is understandable considering the copyright problems that many artists have today. The site specifies on Reddit: "Currently, for legal reasons, we can't provide download links ourselves/directly from the site.", "There are others that have suggestions or their own tools however."


Therefore, you can use a third-party online tool to extract audio from videos such as https://audio.online-convert.com/, https://online-audio-converter.com/ or https://convertio.co/audio-converter/. To do this, launch the video you wish to download, right-click on it and click on "Copy Video URL". Then, you can copy this link to the site you prefer, convert your composition and save your audio file!


Have fun and enjoy your musical creations! 🎶 🎧

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