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GoodSync Pro


Download - https://www.goodsync.com/download/GoodSync-v10-Setup.exe



Changes in

  • Fixed Users of ver 10 with no GS Account were not getting Trial.
  • sib-socket: Fixed 2nd host of resolved IP name is lost, if the 1st host returns error.
  • MS Graph: Fixed Group Perms and Region flag were not making it from Browse Dlg to Connect().
  • MS Graph: Use both 'mail' and 'userPrincipalName' fields to get e-mail.
  • Backblaze FS: Release Part Uploaded memory, if we got an error and are out of retries.
  • GsRunner + GS GUI: Update Server Accounts in GUI if GsRunner changes them.
  • Local FS via GSTP: Pass thru locked flag, so that we can get snaphots of locked files.
  • Unattended Jobs + Progress: Fixed deadlock between RunState lock and JobProgress lock.
  • Updated IT translation


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