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Hey guys, I just wanna share something with you to see if someone can help me because I am frustrated. My facebook and instagram account were hacked for the 4th time this month. When it first happened, I created a new hotmail account and linked it with both my facebook and instagram profiles because my original hotmail was also hacked. 2 step verification was enabled for both social media accounts but still didn't protect me. After the second and the third time, I became convinced that someone had access to my phone or laptop so I resetted both of them. After each hack I recover my accounts using my phone number. Last night was the fourth time so instead of recovering and re-use them I recovered and deleted both social media accounts. Can someone please help give me some advise on what I can do to protect myself in case I created new social media accounts or reactivated my already existing ones ?


Thank you

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My advice is to move away from hotmail for your email. 

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Hello guys, I just wanna say thank you for your help. I read what you advised me to do very carefully and applied it. I re-activated my social media account and linked them with a newly created Gmail account. I am using Google Authenticator for Gmail, Facebook and Instagram.

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1 hour ago, JayDee said:

Hello guys, I just wanna say thank you for your help. I read what you advised me to do very carefully and applied it. I re-activated my social media account and linked them with a newly created Gmail account. I am using Google Authenticator for Gmail, Facebook and Instagram.

Great stuff, if you run into any more issues please let us know, would be happy to advise on anything you need!

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Don't forget to let the NSA know your new email so they can keep tabs on it 

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On 3/9/2020 at 12:30 AM, UpGrade said:

In addition to xkryptonx's advice above, I would completely format your machine and any devices you have including phones. then once this is complete change passwords on all accounts or create new ones.

Check your email addresses for recovery options to make sure they have not been changed to the attackers address / number.


I would also change you telephone number as its possible to clone old GSM sim cards.


No Security solution that you install locally to your machine will stop your online accounts from being hacked.


You need stronger password entropy!

What you need to do is choose a stronger password and use different passwords for all accounts.

Passphrases are actually much more secure as spaces will increase the password entropy dramatically.

an example would be:

this is a strong password


That is a 25 character passphrase, 16 characters is considered secure nowadays, you will hear from different sources the 8, 10 or even 12 characters is secure however, that is not exactly accurate, you can still have a password with strong entropy at this length but more length is still better, even if there is no complexity! Using "this is a strong password" for example would be more secure than something like: [email protected]$$word.


[email protected]$$word would take 3 hours to brute force where as "this is a strong password" would take about 169 SEXTILLION YEARS to crack!


You can check how good your passwords / passphrases are by using https://howsecureismypassword.net


Another thing to remember is not to store passwords anywhere other than a secure an encrypted password manager!

Some good ones are Lastpass, Keepass, 1Password, Dashlane. This way you only have to remember one passphrase (for logging to the manager and the rest are stored securely for you..


You should also turn on Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) where possible. Previously know as 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). MFA will add an extra layer of security to your accounts and you will need a physical device (eg your phone) to log in after you enter password a code will be availably only on your device, there are different ways this can be performed (SMS code, email, In-app code, Authenticator App).

Do not use SMS as this is not secure i would recommend using and authenticator app, this is the most secure way and allows you to authenticate multiple accounts all from one app.

You can check sites that have MFA available here: https://twofactorauth.org/


If you require more information or any help just let me know happy to explain more. Just don't have the time at this moment.


PS. I also agree 1000000% with funkyy If you must have a social account do not post anything personal on there AT ALL!  I have social accounts for various reason but i hate them i never post an i never upload pics of myself or children, family, friends.

The internet is a dangerous place i think its reckless to share pictures of your children or any people you care about and any information about yourself or them.

Keep your social media, social and not personal.


You are genius bro.

Very good information out here.

Thanks @UpGrade for sharing it with fellow colleagues here. 

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On 3/9/2020 at 2:08 PM, nIGHT said:

Just as I was taking a break now by making my coffee, I remember that your gov't might be like China gov't too which eavesdrops on their citizen by using script injection. Hell, even those who lived outside china territory the moment they visit BAIDU, weibo or alibaba.com their pages are added with script injection so the china gov't can spy on what you are doing and sharing. Good luck if you have this as they can block most vpn, but not all. Just be careful on how you find a way around it.


I think you forgot to mention about USA's NSA. In my opinion they are much more advanced as for as snooping of citizens is concerned. I will suggest you to watch documentary "Citizenfour" concerning Edward Snowden. You may also check wikileaks for more information on NSA snooping network. 


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