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Parents allow 11-year-old to drive car because they were sick of him playing GTA all day


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WTF?! Parents have long fought a losing battle to stop their kids from playing video games for too long, but sometimes the carrot is more effective than the stick. It appears a set of parents in the UK subscribed to that thinking, having allowed their 11-year-old boy to drive their car—a way of stopping him from playing GTA all day, apparently.

Police in the Lancaster town of Blackpool stropped a red Vauxhall Astra in a car park in the town center, discovering the minor behind the wheel.




"The driver of this car was 11-years-old. Yes, eleven,” tweeted Lancaster Road Police. "A family member was fed up with the child playing Grand Theft Auto all day on the Playstation, so brought him out to practice driving on a car park in Blackpool… The adult has been reported for traffic offences.”


A recent survey showed that while 86 percent of parents say their kids play games an excessive amount, three-quarters believe gaming has a positive impact on their children.


The other questionable part of this situation is that GTA V has a PEGI rating of 18+, so it’s not the most suitable game for an eleven-year-old, but studies have shown that most parents don’t pay attention to titles’ age ratings—as anyone who’s played the multiplayer element of CoD or GTA V can attest.


In the UK, it’s possible to apply for a provisional driving license when aged 15 years and nine months, with the legal driving age being 17. There are some exceptions where a driver can be 16, and those under 17 can learn to drive with qualified instructors on private land.



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@Mach1 only here in the UK this would make the news and to then glorify and kid dangerous on the roads ... I will bet the parents will have £100 fine if that ..... We used to be Great Britain , now the UK and soon the OK :)

Parents logic , i bet it is a kid with a kid , rather than take the game console of the little brat ( under age for the game ) more bad parenting they give him the car but if there was an accident the " parents " would be on fedbook declaring innocence ..... most in the UK are not " parents " but rather babysitters par time for their own children

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