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Four reasons why you need to get an ultra short throw VAVA 4K projector now


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Do you ever look at your living room and think "this is really dull"? There's an easy fix: replace your old TV with the VAVA Ultra Short Throw projector. Here's what it adds to your home.




Private theater experience at home

TVs keep getting bigger, but they are far away from offering a real theater experience. The biggest TVs are ridiculously expensive and not at all friendly to regular homes. For example, an 86'' TV easily costs you more than $5,000. With VAVA's 4K UST projector, you can project up to 150 inches on your wall for just $2,799. The projector also comes with 4K quality and a built-in Harman Kardon stereo soundbar. No more driving to the cinema and sitting with strangers who can't stop talking. Instead, grab a drink and enjoy a nice and peaceful movie night with your loved ones.

Lightweight and easy to set up


Unlike a 100-pound TV, VAVA's projector only weighs 24 lbs - lighter than most puppies. You can easily move it around the house as often as you want. Carrying it to a friend's place to watch the Superbowl? No problem. All you need is a box smaller than a carry-on luggage. Setup is intuitive and takes less than 10 mins. The projector has plenty of HDMI ports, a USB port and AV port, so you can plug in any streaming products you have available, like Apple TV or Chromecast.

Ultra short throw

Over the years, projectors have improved hugely, starting with the fact that they don't necessarily have to sit on the other side of the room to make a big projection. VAVA's ultra short throw means the projector only needs to sit 7 inches away from the wall to project a 100-inch image. This means people are free to walk around the room without having to dodge the light projectory anymore.

High color precision and brightness


One common misunderstanding with projectors is that you have to have a dark room for it. That's not the case anymore. Using lasers as its light source, the projector is capable of beaming 6,000 lumens to achieve perfect projection quality. The VAVA 4K UST projector can be used anytime of the day without shutting the drapes. Of course you can dim the lights for better experience, but there are no added steps to use the projector like your regular TV.

Short throw, big picture






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And for the screen, have been using a simple white/cream roller blind for years. Cheap, easy to install/remove, nice image.

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I can hardly imagine that this will give a good stereo effect. But it's still nice to have something like that. :wub:

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I'ts has a  Integrated Harman Kardon Soundbar: high-fidelity sound with 60W of power, dts-HD, and Dolby Audio

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