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lot of topics about coronavirus


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hello everyone,

there are a lot of topics about coronavirus in different sections would like to unite where all the information about cornavirus will be given

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Let me confess, I am more than any one else is guilty of doing so.   :sorry:


And @Tickler already had the right idea.


I suggest that let a administrator or a moderator create such a thread and we all contribute to that one particular thread.  🙂

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The rules say we have to post them in the topics  they apply too . If they involve mobile  or desktop   we have to post them in there sub forums they pertain too . I most the time dont post many topics that are not something to do with Tech because of rules of this is a site of a technical nature. And i cant break the rules  just because a lot info is coming out  about something . All you have to do is search  for them like i have to do every time i start a topic. Whatever they want to do  if they want to  pin a topic  about coronavirus and post them all there  its fine  . That's the way  another site i belong too did but it would be confusing to new members . We have a hard enough time not duplicating  each others post here. So the site don't get filled  up with the same post . But it can't be done without the admin telling us  not to start new topics about it.


Nothing should be posted outside of its own topic unless its a news update about it or is talking about something new that happen. If you see  topics  like these that are the same you should report them so the staff can  fix them. ;)

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FWIW, I've just revealed a pinned General News topic for non-positive (good and neutral) Coronavirus (COVID-19) general news.


The main intent is to keep everything except good news there, so that nSane members who are experiencing pandemic anxiety get some relief.


There's also a collection of useful resources in the second post.


Suggestions are welcome, especially nice ones :)




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