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Price slashed for 2GB Raspberry Pi 4 due to more affordable RAM


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Price slashed for 2GB Raspberry Pi 4 due to more affordable RAM

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The 2GB Raspberry Pi 4 is now available for $35 down from $45. The Raspberry Pi Foundation which creates the spartan board computers is celebrating the eighth birthday of its original Raspberry Pi board. Aside from general goodwill, the price reduction was made possible thanks to the falling prices of RAM.


In its announcement, the Raspberry Pi Foundation said:

“The fall in RAM prices over the last year has allowed us to cut the price of the 2GB variant of Raspberry Pi 4 to $35. Effective immediately, you will be able to buy a no-compromises desktop PC for the same price as Raspberry Pi 1 in 2012.



“We’re going to keep working to make Raspberry Pi a better desktop computer. But this feels like a great place to be, eight years in. We hope you’ve enjoyed the first eight years of our journey as much as we have: here’s to another eight!”

The post points out that back in 2011, the idea was to have a computer that cost just $35. While the foundation achieved this, it came with compromises. Over the years it has been able to remove more and more limitations of the hardware and believes that its 2GB Raspberry Pi is suitable for day-to-day usage. With the price cut down to $35, the foundation has achieved its original goal, it’s also worth noting that that with inflation, $35 in 2012 is nearly $40 today.


The price cut will remain in effect permanently now, though, the 1GB and 4GB variants remain at their original prices of $35 and $55 respectively. If you want to grab one of the price-reduced Pi boards just head on over to the company's website and hit ‘Buy now’.



Source: Price slashed for 2GB Raspberry Pi 4 due to more affordable RAM (Neowin)

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