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Mozilla Firefox Browser 73.0.1


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Mozilla haven't release their release notes yet for this version at this time of writing, but somehow I manage to get their unofficial release notes via a thread in Reddit. Take this with a grain of salt until the release notes are finally released officially by Mozilla.

Firefox 73.0.1 fixes (not-official):

  • crashes caused by certain third-party applications, specifically programs by G Data and 0Patch, caused the issue on Windows systems Firefox was run on. It was discovered that the programs were injecting dlls into the browser process which caused the issue.

  • no longer able to load content when launched in Win7 compatibility mode or when custom anti-exploit settings are used.

  • crashes on Linux that occurred when playing encrypted content.

  • Intermittent blank page when logging into Royal Canadian Bank

  • Firefox unexpectedly exiting when leaving Print Preview mode.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/f5oa4u/firefox_7301/

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