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Calibre 4.10


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This freeware application is the ultimate eBook library manager. Use this application to catalogue your extensive eBook collection (featuring support for similarly extensive metadata). From there, you can convert your files to a variety of supported formats, depending on which reader you're using to actually view your eBooks. And don't worry, you can use Calibre to synchronize your information and files straight to your device. Take that, extraneous applications. Oh, and did we mention that Calibre can convert RSS feeds into "eBooks," perfect for reading your day's news without the need for an Internet connection.

Thanks to rushdie for the update.


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New Features:

  •     Viewer: When searching have single and double quotes match their curly variants as well.

Bug Fixes:

  •     Fix a regression that caused the edit metadata individually and convert individually actions to use the bulk actions when multiple books are selected.
  •     Linux: Fix a crash caused by broken/incompatible CUPS Qt system plugin.
  •     Viewer: Fix search shortcut button not focusing search input if the search panel is placed in a tab or a floating window
  •     Update Google Images cover download plugin for website markup changes
  •     Catalog generation: Ignore invalid pubdates
  •     Viewer: Stop autoscroll when changing page layout mode.
  •     zipfile: Fix regression that broke handling of zipfiles with internal filenames not encoded in UTF-8.
  •     Check Book: Turn off unique headings CSS warning
  •     DOCX Output: When a list item contains a nested listed but no text, it should be output as an empty list item.
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