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A new innovative Chrome extension to expand your vocabulary


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Expand your vocabulary faster and effectively

Mark the words you don't understand while surfing the web



A example showing mark & highlight words on any web page, on twitter, on youtube, on medium, etc.


Easy to use


 Collect ,  review  and  manage  your new vocabulary

Mark words

Mark the words that are new to you on Twitter, on Medium posts, on PDF file or any web pages. Collect your vocabulary in one place. If the saved vocabulary list appears on subsequent pages, the saved words will be highlighted automatically.

Review words

Recall your collected words on the marked web pages. Review it on the Calendar Vocabulary page and sentence context, review by Flashcards, review it on your phone. Besides, print your collected vocabulary list and paste it on your wall, review it.

Faster and Effectively

This is a revolutionary tool. Your brain loves events, news, tweet, etc, then mark these words to make you have a deep impression. Bring your vocabulary into your real life, focus on you don’t know.





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